Tuesday, February 7, 2012



It took two tries.
I drove miles and miles 
post offices
I got them.

Who gets the first one?

Shall it be
Love on a Postcard
Love Stuck on a Letter?


  1. Almost picked those up the other day. I am starting to get a reputation in our local post office. I walk in now and they just hand me the stamp book to pluck out what I want that day. Gotta love being a regular.

    You "might" have something coming.. just sayin..

  2. Wow, why didn't you give in? My post office didn't have them so I went to the backup po. I haven't sent out Valentines since Hector was a pup, but some how, I have to this year. :)

    LOL. Ain't it nice to go where somebody knows your name? Or where they recognize you. I'm actually greeted by name. Char even uses it to say goodbye. :) Yes, being a regular has its perks.

    Oh, lovely day! You don't say? I mean "You don't hint?" Now I'm excited! :)

    Mail went out on Moanday, and 14 pieces went out today. I've been so busy making and putting together little parcels . . . answering over-due replies . . . I love the promise "might" holds! :)

    1. Money, really tight for the rest of the month. I just need to limp along till June. then the FJ is PAID OFF!!.. and in Sept. Kaylee goes to school NO MORE DAY CARE. we will be $1200 in the black some Sept.

      I have som many stamps and finally some paper. I just need to use it up first.

    2. I hear you. I go through my "pen" money before I know it. Um, FJ? I'm lame with acronyms. :Yay, for Kaylee!

      My stamp supply is already dwindling. :( Paper, too, but what I need is a new clock. One that has at least 26 hours. Enjoy your fixes. ;)

      I'm dealing with asthma now so I spend a lot of time in bed. I use my inhalers for the last 5 or 6 days, or do breathing treatments, and I'm all jittery, so I write letters at the speed of . . . a hummingbird. Expect a small paper avalanche.

      Be well.

  3. Ooh those are pretty indeed :)
    I'm sending a random card your way that has a love stamp also ;)

  4. These are probably my favorite new stamp of the year... so far. Anyway, have you looked a the new USPS postal store front page, the one with the 'slideshow'? It has a pretty red Love Ribbons tote bag pictured with the mailbox bear and the tote is NOT for sale anywhere! (I called around.)Color me *majorly* frustrated!!! I want one!!!!

    1. No, haven't looked at the store front page. We have those bags here. In both post offices. Will Monday be too late? I can mail it the same day?