Friday, February 3, 2012

Introducing . . .

I had so much fun with this one. I can't begin to tell you just how much, so I won't try. But, mine is not to reason why, mine is but to choose and sigh. It's been real everyone. He's such a sweet little guy. And, 'cus he's on his feet all day, I bought him a chair. Haven't painted it yet, but oh, when I do!

To everyone who participated, I thank you. He thanks you. We thank you. Thank you!

Talk about tough? Whew! Choosing his name was rough. You offered so many great choices. Thought I might have to ask you to vote. Then, I picked up today's mail. Post-Ted came close. Norman Mailer was closer. But . . . Since there can only be one . . . The final entry prevailed.

The winner is . . . Post Mark. Congratulations! Holler back and I'll post your name. Come on. CLAIM your win! I'll say it again. Congratulations.

Post Mark's saga will now begin. Stay tuned for more.

Thanks for playing. A million and two thank-yous Misty. You're my girl.

Write on.


  1. Oh wow, I won??!!

    As I said on my postcard, I spent most of the month thinking about names. Postmark was the first one to come to mind, and the only one that resonated with me throughout the month, and I'm honored that you chose it.


    1. I know, I was as surprised as you are, but the moment I saw Post Mark I knew the name fit. Congratulations. You almost missed the deadline. :) Thanks for playing.

      Your goodies will go out in Moanday's Mail Bag. Enjoy.

  2. Post Mark is a wonderful name! I didn't even know he would sit down! Mine have been standing all this time...guess I should try and get them seated. =)

  3. Am happy to hear you like it. The name arrived yesterday. He could be Norman Mailer. LOL. After the author. Pos-Ted almost made it, but nothing sounded close once I spoke the words Post Mark. :)

    Misty, don't worry about seating them. Hahaha! There's a trick to it. Their limbs are not jointed. Post Mark was um, "assisted" with being seated. He kept popping up 'til it was funny. I couldn't see myself typing him down. LOL! Must stop laughing this hard. Is too funny. Let them stand. LOL!