Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Fly High!

Goodies from Derrick. So many--only half are in this one photo. I collect lapel pins. No idea how he guessed. So much red. So much red. All this red goes right to my head. See the book? No? Take a closer look.

There are toys. I like toys.

Lovely colors. Such! I have a photo of a G.daisy like this. A frog photo, too. And yes, dragonflies, to boot. Such great Dodson, D.  Loot!

A red tail feather. 

Much pleasure will cost a mere penny.

I plan to fly this baby! High. I fly high.
Thanks Dodson, D.!


(P.S. Expect more.)

Lots and lots and lots of mail goes out on Tuesday. Goodies galore. Surprises and much more than I can shake at stick at. I hope so anyway. Am working to restock my Etsy Shop. Make hay while there's light of day. 

Hope your mail boxes are brimming and bursting on Tuesday. Happy President's Day!


  1. so glad you enjoyed. This was actually a light haul year from the show. Wait till next year.

    I'm also going through stuff from previous years. and one SPECIAL thing coming. You will have to frame it. 20x30.. it's a surprise. just trying to figure out which one.

  2. Derrick, the plane. Oh, the plane. I had so much fun putting it together tonight. :) It's like Christmas came again. Little things are such fun. :)

    So much mail in one day almost made me levitate right there in the post office. Then there was mail at home. Three pieces from Carter the Great alone. Am working hard to reciprocate. I lost my Neat n Tidy badge this month. :( But am having so much fun.

    Thanks for the book. I wrote to you about the packaging. LOL. Alibris is unique.

    A 20 x 30 surprise? Wow. I cannot begin to imagine what it could be. It'll be hard for me to top anything that big. :)

    1. I think I will give you a few choices - I just emptied a storage unit and I need to thin some stuff. What it is, is some posters from the Original Apple "think different" campaign. The poster I have hanging in my office is the Jackie Robinson touch at home plate poster. I bought it for $30 and has since gone up in value to around $300. I have 10 posters in the set that are of different valuations. I have this thing about collectables though.

      Value is in the holder of the item. To me I would never sell the robinson poster because it has more value to me on my wall. Just as the poster you pick will have more value to you, because you wanted it.

      make sense??