Wednesday, February 8, 2012

From Post Mark, with Love

Dear Angela,

Your goodies are on their way. Thanks for your patience. I had fun putting your box together. I probably over did it, but heck, naming Post Mark was a big deal to me, and Valentine's Day is what it is, right?

So, Post Mark and I thank you. Here's a sneak peek at some of what's inside, in case you're not already excited enough.

You get something from my favorite companies. See the October Afternoon goodness? Yes! Hope you like.

Remember the Love Bug? Please, send me a photo after you put it together? 

Aren't they cute? Wish I could get a full deck. Love birds and hearts. What's not to like, huh?

My Valentines. I add little hearts in the corners, round the edges, send them as postcards and tuck them inside envelopes. How will you use yours?

I love color!

Valentine Bling!

Ya' gotta remember Black History Month. Ella be scatting in her red without even opening her mouth. Much Love to Dr. King.

Just because.

Stick 'em up! Envelopes, I mean.

How could I not include an envelope stamped with Love?

Hope the goodies result in a big smile.


Post Mark & Limner


  1. Oooohhhh nice......someone will be very pleased...

  2. Oh, Pamela, I hope Angela will be as pleased as punch. :) Thanks.

  3. Thanks Derrick. I try to share the blessings. :)

  4. Who in the world couldn't be happy getting all these goodies? They are awesome ^^

    1. Aw Maria, thanks. I'm pretty sure Angela will like most of her treats. I didn't show everything. Wanted to save somethings for her eyes only. ;)

  5. Did the stationary ever arrive from me to you?

  6. Hi Limner and Post Mark,

    Thanks for the box of creative goodness -- it was waiting for me on my doorstep when I arrived home from work last night (What a great end to the work week!). I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite from the bunch, and enjoy all of it (I love the small details, like the heart paper clip holding the papers together).

    I saw this post in my RSS feeder earlier in the week, but deliberately skipped over it, as I wanted to be surprised by the box contents (usually I don't mind "teasers," but was in a different mood this time).

    So here's a thanks for everything. I'll be sure to send a photo when the Bug has been assembled.


  7. Angela, hey. Hope everything arrived in top condition. Glad you like the contents. LOL. You're better at deferring gratification than I am. I give in 50% of the time; like today. I read my mail in the parking lot today. The sun felt so good, I wasn't in a hurry, so I sat and sipped water, and read all of my mail--from both home and my pom. LOL. I used to enjoy reading it at Starbuck's.

    Have fun putting the Bug together! And you are quite welcome.