Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Limner

February 16, 2012

Dear Friends,

I had a bag-load of mail that needed a post office. I have a young pen friend who gets one flash card from me per week, and I didn't want him to feel dumped on if I fell behind, so off to the post office I went. I had on a lovely scarf, and a red windbreaker. Prepped to the max, huh? I caught a chill in yesterday's rain, so you know . . . Okay, I had an umbrella. It's place is the back seat, but it's almost as tall as I am, and it fills the Honda, so I get wet trying to open it. But anyway . . . I sweat bullets in my get-up this afternoon. I looked cute, but sweat ain't cute. The nice lacy in James Avery asked if the weather had turned. Ha. Ha. No. 

Where was I? Oh. Yes. So, I basked in the praise and admiration aimed my way for my mail art. When I present plain, unadorned envelopes, the clerks ask what's up. They want to know if I'm sick. I was feeling it today though, since today's mail was several days old, and was tarted to the nth degree. 

Feeling good, I asked if they had the new postcard postage. "Not yet. Hopefully it will come in soon, but you know there's another post office that will have them for sure. It's smaller than we are, but they're not as busy so they have more stamps than we do."

Thinking I knew the one she meant, I said, "Oh, yes, it's the newer one off I-10," to which Char replied, "Oh no. This one is real tiny. It's so small most people don't even know it's there." She gave me directions twice. I paid my tab, I thanked her, and I was out of there so fast I almost did a wheelie in the parking lot. Seven minutes later, I was looking at it. You'd have thought someone cut the corners of my mouth and cauterized the bleeders--my grin was just that wide the second I saw it. And yes. I almost passed it.

The flag comes close to dwarfing the building.

I hope you will read this. I've written about the MKT before. It's the Missouri, Kansas, Texas rail that was shortened to The KT, which later became Katy.

The parking lot is so small it makes you wonder how they're able to offer handicap parking, but I'm proud that they do. 

I told someone just last night how I can drive 5 minutes in almost any direction and be in a different zip code. Well, here's proof. Had no idea it was a town. It's right off I-10. So I guess this is where Barker-Cypress gets part of its name. Live and learn.

There's history on their walls. The ladies have to really like each other 'cause the work space is too small to chase a cat in. They get to sit on stools, too. It was difficult shooting this one photo, but they're so welcoming and nice, I have to go back and interview them. 

Have you ever written a letter to a post office? I wish you would. Will you write to the ladies here and tell them where you saw them? Their address is:

 United States Post Office
211 Baker Rd
 Barker, TX 77413

Yours sincerely,

P.S. Their display case is worth taking not of. The place is small but it's neat, orderly, clean and they make you feel right at home.

Today is my mom's birthday. And I forgot. Her sister's birthday was February 14. 


  1. Yes, I will! I love your perspective!

    1. Thanks, Susan. I wish you could see the place. It's cute but it's the kind of place where the employees know your name. :) Char thinks I will defect, and said she will miss me and the chance to see my mail art. The smaller post office is closer to us. I won't leave.

      Postcards would be ideal for anyone who doesn't have time, or much to say. Y'all are the best.

  2. Happy Birthday to your mother :)
    My mother's birthday was February 14 ! :D
    I will try to send the ladys of the postoffice a letter or atleast a card :)

    1. Thank you! Now I don't feel so bad about forgetting. :) Oh! I card or postcard would would be ideal. Thanks for thinking. Postcards from other places. Those ladies will love it. Now why didn't I think of that? :)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Limner's Momma! Hope it was a good one.

    What a cute post office! I wonder what the designation 1st class means in terms of a po's status? A certain amount of business? Will have to look that up. Thanks for the fun history lesson, Limner!

  4. Your contest winner package came back to me. It says 'not deliverable as addressed'

    1. Hmm. Mail has been returned only once before. Wonder what happened?

      Limner Cade or Limner
      POB 6943
      Katy, TX 77491

      Am puzzled.

  5. That's the address I used. I will try it again. :)