Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This, That & the Other

Today's post is about a little bit of this,  that, and the other. Nothing specific. Just mail stuff.

Q. Do you ever buy goodies to use for mail, then can't bear to use it? 

Like this?

I got it weeks ago, yet cannot bear to use it. I like seeing everything intact. I imagine what I'll use it on, then change my mind and put it away. No wonder I have so much stuff, huh?

Am listening to Criminal Minds in the background. I tell you, if I hear that honey colored hunk call the geek baby girl one more time . . . It just sounds insincere.  Trite, a once-loved pet name that needs an update. The show is beginning to sound too formulaic--like most serial shows. I hardly watch the NCIS shows any more.  They all begin and end the same way. 

There's this. Haven't been posting much mail after promising I would. I think it's all the work involved with scanning. I do it 20 times and bleh. I make stuff. I do. I think I'm a little lazy or something. No more mail marathons. 

I'm spending more time outside. I need the light. The sun helps my tan and my inner clock. The wind shaking the Honda's antenna makes me feel like I'm zooming. Just the other day I pulled over and watched a hawk play with its food. Just sat there, with my foot on the brake, being awed. I had to leave too soon for my taste though, because two cars were coming up behind me. I sure hated moving. This guy is part of today's shoot. They were out in force, these tiny hover flies. They drank. I know because all the pollen was wet. We had tornadoes today. It started with rain pelting the windows. I dared hope it was a long-ago-locked-out-lover tossing pebbles against the panes. Sshh. Shades of Stephen King.

I read a good book. Have you? The Night Circus. See the envelope atop the striped page? I read my mail in the sun every chance I get. Not sure which read better, the letters or the pages. I don't answer any letters out there though, 'cause humidity affects fountain pens, and the winds make the felt tips dry. Anyway, I'm reading American Dervish. Picked up The Dry Grass of August because phonelady recommended it. It's next. What are you reading between letters?

This guy is so popular here; he has his own . . . Oops. It'll have to wait until he has a name. Thanks again Misty.

This is my current stationery du jour. I like the way it accommodates my pens. Fountain pen inks seem to float on top--no absorption--yet dry fast. Do you have a current stationery du jour, too? 

Oh! I'm picking up my sketch pad a lot more. Thanks for the inspiration Misty.

For me, life is all about this, that and the other. A little less writing but a whole lot more living. Like Derrick, I still write, too. See you in the mail.


  1. Oh I love your blog! You can follow me and enter my contest located on my blog!

  2. To funny, I JUST bought the rub on set on Sat (before the food poisoning incident). Took it home scanned it, did some work and put it back in the wrapper where it will stay.

    So if you see something come through to you with those images you know where they came from.

    Pick up some Bryson, Walk in the Woods should have you rolling before the first 1/4 of the book, Notes from a small Island is great as well.

    Or some Herriot, try one of the collections dog stories is one of my favs. I have a small library behind me, mostly Vet/animal related. If you like SA humor (this is a family blog right?), try Christie Mellor: we were here first kid!

    Paper: not gonna tell you, I'll send you a sample.

  3. *shanna, thanks for the invite. I am smitten by your banner, am quite taken with your momma, bookmarked your blog, and . . . Gee, there are a whole lot of ands but I have to hit the hay. More later.

    *Derrick! You should live in Houston. We could hang out and stuff. More later, okay. I am so sleepy.

    Thanks you two. I appreciate you stopping by to say hey and all. Herriot? Thought I'd read everything he'd written. Than again, more later. :) Goodnight.

  4. So glad you picked up the book I hope you enjoy it as much as I did .

  5. *Shannah thanks for the invite. I got the instructions for your contest all wrong. LOL. It's typical for me. My head is always pointed in a different direction. Good luck to the winner.

  6. *Derrick! Get out! Did you see the rubber embellishments? I'm saving them for a later post. Archiver's gets most of my pin money that's not spent on penning supplies. Misty gave me a Postal Piggy and there's actually money in it. When it's full I am gonna shop like I'm in hog heaven. Bought the Chinese NY stamps today. The ladies at the po were so nice. More on that later.

    Almost bought "Walk in the Woods," but got the "Night Circus."

    Oh, but I love paper. I have so much am beginning to think I bought someone else's share. :( Wonder if there's such a thing as a paperholic.

    Am putting together a bunch of goodies for you, but I take out half of what I put in. I still owe you a letter about the hawk. I'm getting there. I had 6 letters go out today. More tomorrow.

  7. Limner- You simply must read Bryson's Walk in the Woods. It is so funny! You would love it for sure. =)

  8. and when you done with that one, get "in a sunburned country"

  9. *Misty, okay, since your vote holds sway with me.

    *Derrick it's on my list. Guess I won't have time for that new book on microbiology until next New Year's Eve. Thanks.