Monday, January 23, 2012

Simply the Best

Thank-you goes a long way doesn't it? Two simple words can make a heart open so wide you feel like you love the whole wide world. That's what this simple thank-you did for me. There is nothing superfluous in it. It is direct and to the point. There was no need to say how much he liked it, or even why. It's all there. 

To back up his declarative statement, young Carter added an image. I get all emotional every time I look at this. I remember the hard times I had learning to print when I was in first grade. Oh, the hand cramps! I had a death choke-hold on my fat pencil, yet no matter how hard I held on, I couldn't get it to obey my hand--which wouldn't obey my brain. But I persisted because I wanted to write. 

Drawing was easier. From day one I could draw. I'd spent a lot of time drawing and writing in the dirt with a stick. It was a hundred times easier though. I still love to draw. I still like Legos, too. The last set I bought was for a Star Wars fighter jet. I built mighty fortresses with loose ones. 

Now. Can you guess what Carter drew for me? He was supposed to get a real Stetson, and boots, and I had a little pull to get him inducted into the Cowboy Club. Misty told he wanted Legos for Christmas, so he got Legos. Guess which kit/set? It's easy. He drew a picture of it. Tell you what. The first person to guess correctly will receive a copy of The Art of the Handwritten Letter. Honest onion. 

I'm taking my thank-you to Aaron Bros. Frame Shop. Surely they're able to mat and frame it so both sides can be viewed. And it will hang in my studio until the day I leave, or will no longer need a studio.

This is my first thank-you note from a young one. Six nieces and nephews, and this is a first. His mama is teaching him well, don't you think?

Thank you, Carter. Thank you very much. You are simply the best.

Sincerely sincere,

Your friend,



  1. Oh my goodness is he not adorable sending you that picture of what he made with the legos you sent him . How wonderful .It looks like a space ship with an alien to me .

  2. I am so had it arrived safely. He still has the legos built and hasn't taken them apart yet. He loves those things and as soon as I said we should write a thank you, he was all about it. The picture was his idea. :) Good luck to everyone!

  3. That is so sweet to send you a thank you note! I would hang it on my fridge for forever!
    Hmm, it king of look like a cars 2 carcter, maybe finn mcmissle?

  4. Y'all crack me up sometimes. I laugh so hard.

    *phonelady, you're in true form. Glad you're back. You make me laugh so hard, I spray my MacBook screen. It does look like the little green alien in the UFO I have on my desk! Wow. We can still see through the eyes of make believe. :)

    *Misty, I had to keep it to myself for a few days. I still cannot break that habit. I think it comes from being a loner--as in . . . Or maybe I'm just selfish. :) It's the kind of thing I have to savor before I share. Thanks for helping him.

    *Patty, what in the world made you think it's a fire truck? Aren't their ladders sideways? I'm just curious. :)

    If no one guesses correctly I'll give the book to the funniest response.

  5. *Bethany Ann, thanks for helping me see in a whole other way. :) Thanks for guessing.