Sunday, January 22, 2012

Postcard Pretty X 5

One great thing about images. They translate without barriers. You get the message even if you cannot read. They make postcards worth every penny. One look at these two and you know he's making sweet music for his sweetie. (From Finland)

This is just pretty. It's all sparkly, and I'm not a sparkly person. Glitter is hard to clean up. This makes me think of ice palaces made from fresh snow. (From Belarus)

What's not to like about this card? (From Hong Kong)

This makes me laugh every time I look at this. Looks like he hears the ocean and can't believe what he hears. She's just plain pretty. (From Russia)


(Postcards from Postcrossings.)


  1. You are right. There's no need for words. Lovely cards all of them!

  2. Oh im so jealous you have a moomin . I have been wanting to get my hands on one for so long .

  3. I really like the stamps!I have always enjoyed the peaceful images in Japanese wood cuts!

  4. *Alhana, that's why images are vital to advertising. The cave artists knew what they were doing. No language barriers get in the way of their messages.

    *phonelady. I had no idea a moomin existed, but I'm glad I have one. :) They don't have nostrils or mouths, yet they communicate so well. Any idea why the female has a band around her leg?

    *elle, I do too. I have pages of beautiful images for origami, but cannot bring myself to use them for something so temporary. They're the most beautiful stamps I've gotten. The others pale in comparison now.