Saturday, January 21, 2012

One For Thee & One For Me

I bought one and got the twin for a penny. Shades of Eddie Munster, but he popped up when I shook the give-away goodie bag. It just keeps growing.

Details, details? Love is in the details, y'all.

And hearts abound. 
See those pretty stickers
in the background?
I'm giving away half
of the two panels.

Have you entered the naming game?
Enter often.
I promise you I wish 
I'd saved that 
bottle of champagne. 
I'd throw it in
if I could.
There's more
but I'm too tired
to post it.
I find more to add
every time I clean out a cubby
or a bin. 
Oh, there's so much to win!
Aw, come on
Enter again.


12 x 12 sheet 

My favorite heart stickers.



  1. Like the 12x12 sheet - Was at a postcard show today.. That was... interesting and a bit scary. Also swung by the scrapbook shop tonight for some more goodies. Be on the lookout !

  2. LOL. Scary, how? Do you have an Archiver's? It's my favorite scrapbooking supply store. Am considering making an envelope out of my sheet. I have two. Show us what you bought? :)