Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh, the Power of Letter

(ca. 1860's, USA. Freed slaves in Southern town shortly after the Civil War. © Bettmann/CORBIS)

Sat down to post and saw the mention of a letter + slave, and curiosity snatched my attention. I like this letter. It does not matter to me who actually phrased and penned it. I am not offended by the tongue in cheek carrots dangled. I simply like the letter, and would pay for a copy.

I've heard of Letters of Note. I wrote myself a note to check it out, and so I will; especially after reading this. I'm a history lover. The entire letter is available here:

Mark Twain wrote a Letter to the Next Burglar. No one writes quite like Twain. I won't spoil it for you, but I hope you find it as amusing as I did/do.

TTY later. Have to pick up my neighbor's daughter from school @ 4:30.

The sun was nice to us again. So I had to go out. After the post office I stopped by Aaron Bros. They gave the greatest sales on arty goodness. I bought a lot for a few bucks. Wanna see?

I like this! LOL. Do you use baking powder? I use Clabber Girl or the one in the red can. Oops! Not this one. It's the one with the chief on the label.

This little guy reminds me of Dot, on Eastenders. LOL. I think it's the hair. The accent is Eastender's Cockney, for sure.

Care to guess what she might be hawking?

I thought "Tarot cards." I was wrong.

Aren't they beautiful? Did you know player cards were originally tarot cards? Have you ever had your cards read?

Flash cards! How did you learn the multiplication tables? I learn from helping my older sister learn hers. She had flash cards.

A simple spread.


Sorry Derrick. My mail bag was so full, I overlooked your letter. I promise to make up for the oversight.

Good mail went out today. Two packages are winging their way to Australia. Two postal employees love my new mail bag. And my mail. 

The eye on back of an envie did not creep  Char out one bit. The mean one commented on it, too. She's also the one who does passports, hence her being taken with the passport ephemera on the side. I thanked her. I've forgiven her. I forgot to take photos of "my bag full." Hope these make up for it.

(For Suddenly Susan and all the sun lovers.)

Derrick, Limner Mail is heading your way tomorrow . . . God willing and the creek don't rise. There's standing water in our back yard. I don't like to squelch across it 'cause my clogs get sucked off. It's worse if you're wearing cotton socks. I had to capture this squelch or no.


  1. See this is when you need an audio recorder. Squelch, Squeaks.

    I can to this day remember walking around my grandfathers 10 acres of wood up in Washington when I was a kid and thankfully my brother was with me. There was a creek back there that was deceptively shallow. You see the problem with wooded streams is there is a LOT of sediment.. that doesn't really settle. One step and I was knee deep in mud I could NOT get out of.. We are talking leave the boot, put your foot back in the mud and wrench that thing back out cause you need both hands. The brother part came when I needed someone to hold me upright while I got my foot out of the boot in the first place. This is when you also learn that all ferns really have these nasty little needles on the underside of the leaves..

    1. Live and learn. I never knew that about ferns. Sure am glad you have a brother. :) Remember this: When you're sinking, lie flat. Then reach hand over hand for shore. I just learned this last week on a bit about surviving . . . Could have been on The Doctors. :)

  2. LOL derrick you are so right about the ferns and Limner remember that too . I love your colorful mail limner . well I pray that the last of my meds will be gone tuesday and praise God Im off the co2 (oxygen) . I refuse with God s help to be sick anymore this year . I will force myself to work through it .

    1. Hay phonelady! Glad you feeling well. Yay, hey! You're off the O2. Wow. CO2 is carbon dioxide! No wonder you were sick. :(

      Be good to yourself, my friend. May your grieving be gentle and short-lived.

  3. Thank you so much for the notecards. I wrote about them on my blog today ;)

    1. Marie, it's my pleasure. I cannot imagine celebrating such a milestone without giving something back. Glad you like them. I have a set too. :)

      Be well.