Thursday, January 12, 2012

Name Game Sneak Peek

Hey! Am in a hurry, but had to offer a sneak peek @ a goodie donated to the Name Game. You know the one, right? Say what? You don't? Well, too bad, so sad!

'Cause if you  know, and if you enter to win, you get a chance "to win a Love Bug! Neat-neat-repeat? You get a chance to win a Love Bug! For Valentine's Day. But only if the name you enter is chosen for "He Who Is Nameless." Thanks again, Misty! Photo shoot to follow, first chance I get.

I comes unassembled, so you get to put it together, just because it adds to the fun. So, hope you like puzzles. Don't like those numbers? Why not add a few hearts included in the prize package? Remember the valentines?

Uh-oh! Gotta go. You have until 2 February 2012 to enter! Good Luck!


  1. Oh wow ,how nice of you gotta love the bug . take care.

  2. Hi! I'm Marie Misha from - I wrote you back on my own blog and didn't know where to write you but you can write me @ for my address. :-)

  3. It's kinda cute, huh, phonelady? LOL. We had one when I was still small enough to fit in that tiny back space. Can't believe my parents let me ride there when we went camping. I thought I was so privileged.

    Hope you're staying warm. Love that snow. Am sitting here with an open window. Cool breezes mean we won't turn on the a/c. Be well.