Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag! Again

I saw O-Bird yesterday. A two week gap separated our last visit, so it was a relief to finally get to talk about . . . Life Episodes. She is a constant I can rely on. She makes me feel wholer, more cemented, not lacking quite as much as I imagine, normal, and pretty good about myself. She gets where I'm coming from more than I expected, but the times she misses send me in tailspins. I know-I know. Not one gets anyone 100%, but sometimes I go out on a limb, expecting a net . . . The thing worth remembering is I free-fall briefly--or as long as I drag it out--but always manage to pull the string on the parachute she helped me pack, and I land softly on my feet. Not once have I landed on my ass hard enough to break anything. Like yesterday; so I got up, dusted myself off, and drove on over to the Texas Art Supply. No need to come home, crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. That got old last year. 

Like I said, I went to my favorite art store. I needed a new butcher's tray. My old one holds my beloved pastels on a bed of rice. I picked up two. Carried both with me on my customary walk-through. I didn't get the large one though; instead, I got a new bag. It cost less than the large tray. Yes, it's a new Blue-Q bag. I wanted the one I gave to two lovely people for gifts, but don't you know they didn't have any? 

I've said it twelve times before if I've said it once. When darkness falls, someone will turn on a light if you don't go around cussin' and carryon' on. Don't go kicking' the dog, stepping' on the cat's tail, and someone will even scrape off the burnt places on your toast. They might add a little(champagne please?) jam. See, I was good. I remembered the world wasn't going to end 'cause I wasn't going to get what I gave away, and wanted for myself. Oh, no-no-nooo. I just looked to the left and there lay Paradiso. Looks like I'd even addressed it to myself. *wink* How often do I Love Life Rewards happen to you?

I envied Elle for being able to spend 6 weeks in Costa Paradise, but not with the envy that's sinful. No, I just wished I could have as much time in my own version of paradise: a Colorado mountain. 

Look what being good got me. Ta-da! A new bag that reminds me of good times.

It's all "cuted up" for me and everything.

Oh, did I mention my new watercolor cups? Aren't they perfect for holding a paint brush when I pause? I got them two weeks ago.

Yes, this Mama's got a new mail bag. Now, all I have to do is fill it.

P.S. I DID NOT cuss when I saw where it was made either. Write on!


  1. Goodness! Check out these stats, THEN tell me how the USPS is going out of business.

  2. Oh! How nice is this:

  3. Im so glad you have a new bag and those paint cups are too cute .

    1. LOL. Thanks, phone lady. I wanted to experiment last night but it was too late. I answered mail instead.

      * Patty, The Night Circus went out today. It's hard to put down, but don't lose sleep over it.

      *M Holmes, your gift is winging its way to you. You wrote the first comments on this blog, so I wanted to say thank you. Hope you will enjoy. I bought two of the same. One you you, and one for me.

      I should do the same for my other blogs. One is 3 years old, yet I've never celebrated. Shame on me.

  4. Beautiful paint cups and the die for!

    1. Thanks! :) They're perfect for paints, and the handle is a nice rest for a brush.

      I used my new bag today. Mail went out. It's deep enough that it held my copy of The Night Circus + a handful of letters and postcards with ease and room left over. :)