Friday, January 27, 2012

Mail Order

Yes, I'm establishing a bit of order here. I've committed countless mail misdemeanors. There's chaos. Clutter. Little messy piles. I roll over in bed and discover ink on my gown, on the sheets, across my cheek . . . Ever had a fountain pen wick into cloth? I found a missing full tin of my favorite ink, J. Hrtbin's Bleu Nuit. Then there's this . . .

Still cannot bring myself to use them again. Not yet anyway.

Finally got the CNY stamps. 

A classic infectious smile! Thanks Bev.

Flaming reds! Such a mailbox! I'd use it every day if I could. Thank you, dear Anna. It's on my desk, and when the light from the window strikes it, I sing, "Dum, dum, dum, dum . . Fi-i-re!" Only The Oho Players sing it better. "Fire! The way you walk, and talk, really sets me off! To a full alarm . . ." Ah! Shades of "Flaming June," too."

Bless your heart. I do like this bag! I'm such a bag lady. Thanks for remembering. I wouldn't mind a job designing bags. I wonder if the pay is good? 

Dear "Criminal Minds" fan, aka Emma, thank you for such a colorful, fun, inspirational envelope. You have me wondering if I have the patience to do one, and guess what, I've just this moment come to the conclusion that I think I can. :) The stamp is icing on the cake. LOL! 

Emma, I'm so pleased to know you like the Christmas gift. They're so pretty. There were two sets left, and I chose the prettiest of the pair. I hoped you'd be inspired. If you live in your dream place, you'll need to know how to use those. ;) So practice, practice! 

I owe you two letters. Don't give up on me, okay?

Aha! The stamp is popular in Germany as well. I received a letter from Germany! Hey now! A real letter. Not a postcard, although I like postcards. Thanks, Leonie. I'll answer soon. I'm in a letter writing state of mind. 

What a way to end this post. The king of beasts, yes, but for real, you can probably bet he's watching one of his queens fell dinner.  Run, wildebeests, run! Zebras and ibex, too! Eat the jackals. Eat the hyenas, too! Thanks, Misty. I agree, he looks good. You've seen them close up, I've seen them in Nat Geo and on television, so I learned they suffer a lot of wear and tear. 

My Simon reminds me of a puma. I often look at him and wonder: If you were a puma, would you eat me? He loves me so much, I just wonder . . . I imagine him saying, "Hell yeah. I'd eat you, and miss you later when I needed my ears rubbed."

There's more to come. Thank you, all.


  1. Haha. Simon sounds like a hoot! And your incoming mail looks lovely! I really need to get back on track with posting mine. =)

    1. He's just a big old Mama's boy. He's in bed behind me as I type--just scratching away. He has allergies, poor thing.

      It really is lovely mail, huh? I'm so lazy about scanning and uploading in recent months. There's so much to choose from, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by omission, by the time I finish posting here, answering a handful of letters, I'm too pooped to scan. I so look forward to my new PT sessions. My neck and shoulder will be even stronger.

      Wait until you see the next installment. Oh, and I picked up a few things when I went to buy an ink cartridge. Sheesh. I think merchants are catching on to letter writers.

      Take your time posting your incoming and outgoing; lovely mail never grows stale. :) Hope your new job is becoming old hat. You'll learn something every day. :)

  2. Hey Limner! Thanks for putting in your application to join us on mailart365! I'm flattered to have you on board and have sent your welcome email. can't wait to see your work on our blog every day!!