Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mail Art #1, etc.

If I challenge myself there's no way I can fail. Right? I guess I'll find out, won't I? Well, here goes. And yes, this was initially created for this very event.  In for a penny, in for a dollar. I'm in!

Mail Art 1/365


"Who you?" I rarely enter give-aways because I have too much stuff--even stuff I cherish--so I work at not being greedy. I cross my fingers for other entrants--hoping they'll win. And they usually do. I don't think there has ever been a give-away without a winner. Oh, snap. I had one. Sure did. No one even knew my blog existed. So . . . Yet I entered this one. Don't ask me why. Okay, I'll tell you why.

The entry rules are to send the blogger . . . Oh, you can read it for yourself right here: I messed up. It's a long uninteresting story, but I was in Barnes & Noble this afternoon, doing what I do, when this little thing and his siblings stared me down. Cute, huh?

This one's my favorite, but he's not "green or mostly green." His paint is better, too. "The Invisible Man" is on TCM. It scared the wee out of me when I was a kid. Just turned round and saw him. The bandages wrapped round his head look like underpants with fistfuls of hair poking through the legs. But anyway . . . This guy has character. So why did I think of Pumpkin Head just now? He's still sweet. And he's a paper weight. Made of alabaster. I almost bought it, but I don't need a paper weight. I have a cat for that. Her name is Minuet.

I entered Owl One in the contest. What do you think? Should I have entered Owl Two instead?


Got some Bahama-Mama-Mail from Patricia,
A-Book-By-It's-Cover pc from PostMuse. 
Thank you!

I made mail. This went out today. Six pieces yesterday, nine the day before, and five the day before yesterday. I am so eating my elephant!

I justified this little purchase by calling it "My Stamp Box." Lord, please, don't let there be lead in it. Thank you, Amen" Was too sweet to pass up. Oh, I'm going to use all 3 of them, too!

Have you noticed how most mail ephemera is Parisian? Any idea why? Are they the No. 1 Mail Writers in the world? It's still a cute box.

Is it worth $2.00?



  1. Limner ~
    Great post! I love the owls. Adorable! The cute little box is wonderful as well.
    The mail art piece you created is fabulous! You are so creative!
    My daughter and I watched The Invisible Man last night, too. I love your description of the invisible man. :-D The innkeeper's wife is a hoot! She looks like a scrawny chicken and runs about like one, too.
    Did you stay up to watch Frankenstein, too? We were too tire to stay awake for it. :-(
    Have a terrific day!

  2. The Mail ephemera.. I was wondering the same thing. I go out and look for "mail" related stamps or stickers, anything really and I would say easily 90%+ is French/Parisian related.

    Now the blue/red airmail tapes and envelopes are in fact french. Yellow and blue Finnish I believe.

    So there is something for me to strive for. Maybe I need to work on some US related designs, make some North Dakota post mark rubber stamps..

    1. You think it's 'cause our mail ephemera is boring? We have the Statue of Liberty, the USPS eagle, the red white blue chevron edges, "FOREVER" . . . I'd like the Liberty Bell. You're clever enough for the job Derrick. :) Do us up something proud!

  3. I think you should have entered #1! ;) but number two was quite lovely as well :)

    Have you gotten it yet btw?

  4. I think you should have entered number 1! But number two is lovely as well.

    Did you get the notecards yet btw?

  5. Shannah, LOL. I touched my favorite when I was in B&N the other day. He hooted just a little bit. ;)

    No, haven't gotten it yet. I keep checking. :) I need to be surprised, so I'm patient.

    Thanks for being so generous.