Monday, January 23, 2012

Jumping the Gun

Hey all, I'm jumping the gun by posting this, but I'll gladly suffer the consequences if I get in trouble. Was just answering this morning's e-mail when I checked one flagged as spam but wasn't in the spam folder. Talk about listening to the still small voice. I saw the title and I was off. Read on. Then will you check out Mr. Rafferty's full opinion? If you do, maybe he won't want to take a bite out of my hide for pointing y'all his way. Read on now . . . 
NOTE: I went back and took excerpts instead of posting the entire piece. And yes, I asked for permission. Just haven't gotten a response yet; hence the excerpts. 


Keep those cards and letters ...going out.

Published by Michael Rafferty at 12:01 AM under US Mail
"There are people who speak ill of the Post Office.  I’m not one of them.
I love it . . .

. . . Sure, most days, it is just junk mail and bills but I don’t care.  Every time that I open my mailbox, I get a twinge of excitement: I wonder what’s going to be in there this time!  I am only disappointed when there is nothing in there.

If you are wondering what this has to do with being depressed, here it is: a very large part of the pain that depression can cause comes from the sense of isolation.  The mailbox is a lifeline, a connection to the world.  I enjoy sending mail just as much as receiving mail.

I enjoy e-mail too but . . ."
Now, if that don't beat all, then I don't know what does. I offered up a few of your blog links in case his readers and Esperanza's readers might be tempted to visit. Hope you don't mind. So, if you get a few new pen pals, you can blame me.

Write on!
Uh, you're not mad at me, are you?

P.S. Am printing copies for the employees at our two local post offices, and anyone else who might read it. Please pass on Mr. Rafferty's sentiments. You might also consider writing to him as well. Send him a little mail art. Show him how we roll.


  1. I love my PO -- just baked cookies for the postal workers there today.

  2. *Pam! What a kind and thoughtful thing to do. I've given my favorites gourmet cup cakes and candies, but I doubt they'd eat anything baked by a customer. Not ones from large areas like Houston/Katy anyway. It's just not safe. Remember when anthrax was going through the mail?

    I'm fortunate the Ooh La La bakery is just around the corner from my favorite post office. That bakery gets a lot of my business. :)

    You're a nice lady. Is it a large facility? We tend to forget they're just like us at times, don't we? Some days they don't want to be there either. And they have to deal with some mean customers every all the time.

    Tax season is a sneeze away and we know how people like to stick it to the IRS by waiting 'til the last minute to file their returns. They forget the postal employees suffer for it. Wish I could have provided some Starbucks coffee to go with your cookies. :)

    Not all postal employees are nice or kind though. Being nice to them despite it works magic.

    I wonder if anyone else has done something nice for their mail people lately? Makes me wonder why we should be nicer to them than others, like our trash/garbage collectors, meter readers . . . Or are we biased simply because we write a lot of letters? After all, they're getting paid and they don't get dirty, don't have to work in bad weather--unlike the ones that still walk a beat. The beat walkers are the ones I leave a dollar or two in an envelope for during the summer and write "Buy yourself a cold drink." I'm just saying. LOL.

    I confess: I don't write sweet things or draw hearts on back of my envelopes for the postal employees. They're doing jobs they get paid to do. They should be thanking us. We pay their checks. We pay their mortgages, educate their children, pay for their cars and food . . . See where I'm going? My favorite ones are the ones who remember my name, thank me for my business, don't tell me I have to buy tape 'cause they can't give everyone tape, and they make small talk while they tcb with a smile. POWER TO THE LETTER WRITERS! :)

  3. Oh I love that phrase POWER TO THE LETTER WRITERS !!! Kudos to you Pam and Limner.

  4. *phonelady did you read what Mr. Rafferty said about people who don't get letters being depressed? What does the Maven say? If you want good mail ya gotta write and send good mail? I used to subscribe to Esperanza.

    I can just imagine not getting a letter when you're old and alone. I never think of younger people wanting letters. The younger people I correspond with taught me better. Everyone likes mail, and loneliness doesn't discriminate. So write on!