Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Celebrate

No horns
No trumpets
Absolutely no fanfare
I am
To celebrate the date.
"Oh, Write Me!" is a year old. 
Had I remembered, 
I'd have baked a cake.
I'd have thrown myself a party
Or at any rate
I could have done a give-away.
Oh well. Since it's too late . . .
Happy Birthday "OWM!"

(This is re-posted from another Limner blog, but it's mail related.)
I confess: As much as I like The Sun Magazine, I have unread issues. They won’t ever be thrown in the trash though, passed on to friends, or left in my doctors’ offices. Never. I’ll eventually get around to reading them, and the rewards will be worth the savings and my compounded interest. I’m a wise investor.

Seeing today’s Sun laying beneath a small stack of white envelopes, unfolded (I hate it when the mail carrier folds my magazines around the other mail; usually unwanted offers, undeserving of the required postage that qualified it as being worthy of taking up space inside my box.). And unmolested; another thing I hate: damaged mail. Sometimes it’s so close to being destroyed that even the United States Postmaster seals it in a plastic bag, encloses an apology that basically amounts to: “Sorry, shit happens,” not even caring that they’re adding to the plastic pollution--made me grin in broad daylight. Such a simple unexpected joy, coupled with a glorious sunny “hallelujah-humming” kind of day, and suddenly my life felt “smiled upon.”


  1. Happy Birthday OWM! Last January was a good month for blog births. Confessions is almost a year old too. And I have seen others as well that are doing one year "celebrations". What will you do to celebrate?

  2. Thank you! :) If there were Ooh! La La Shops nearby, I'd buy everyone a cup cake! It would be the one with all the celebratory sprinkles and yummies.

    Since it's not possible, I think I will . . . Wow. I need to think. No. I will host another give-away. No. Even give-aways get old, huh? :( I'll sleep on it. :) Are you planning anything special to celebrate your anniversary? You don't have to tell! :) That's just me wondering out loud. Still thinking . . .

  3. Congrats Limner, while only I have only been here a short time your blog and Misty's are my favs to read.. Keep it up ladies..

    Myself, I just spent the last 15 min pouring my guts out all over my blog trying to get rid of something. I'll have to see if it worked over the next few days.

    In the mean time, time to get back to constructing some new postcards and watching old movies..

  4. Happy One Year! Why not make a commemorative mail art and send it out to one lucky reader?

  5. Happy blog bday ... I hope Im on the road to mending and you are as well . I just need for my lungs to work better and I will get there. Take care my dear Limner .

  6. Limner ~
    Congratulations on one year. Absolutely awesome! Of course, the lady behind the blog is a priceless, warm, wonderful, and very specially lady. I'm grateful to OWM for bringing us together.

  7. Honestly..I hadn't given it a thought until now. Hm...I am not sure what I will do. Perhaps make some art and offer it up in commemoration of my first anniversary? Haha. Sounds like we both have thinking to do. =)

    1. Thanks, Motherkitty, you're too kind, but so am I about the role OWM plays in introducing me to some of the most surprising people. People I actually like, admire, and want to keep in touch with. It's funny, 'cause my family never thought I'd crawl out of my shell long enough to actually get to know anyone. Ha! Guess I showed 'em. You all made it so easy.

      A lot of mail will go out Monday. That hasn't happened in a while. Thanks for your patience.

      Back to bed for meQ G'night.

  8. Ah, Anna! Thanks for a great suggestion. I bought something instead. :( I thought I'd give a little something to the first person who commented. I sent them an e-mail, but they haven't responded. I'll give them a week, maybe? I have five more blogs with anniversaries coming up--I might have to see if Burger King is hiring part-time help. LOL.

    Aha! You gave me an idea! Will tell you about it if it works. Postcards! Special postcards. :) Gee, you're sharp. Thank you.

    Thanks phonelady. I could just hug you! I knew you'd get well. I get this sinus stuff each time the seasons change. Sending good lung energy your way. You'll be dancing come spring. :)

    Misty, you always come up with something unique or it has major wow factor. LOL! Those hamsters are just a turning. I can hear them! What ever you come up with will surely be something to make us envious.

    I seldom enter give aways because I have too much stuff to give away, but I never win the once in a blue moon thing I can use, and sincerely want, so I'll just keep on trying.

    The Valentine/Name the Mail Carrier give-away goodies are kinda-sorta piling up. Maybe I should give away half and use what's left for cards. I'd like to have all of you for Valentines. The Love Bug is so cute. :) Good luck!