Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hey. I'm busy creating, so haven't had much time to write or post. I haven't forgotten the letters I owe, or the posts I plan to share. This is just a note to share. If you want to see something extraordinary you MUST visit:

I immediately thought of you, Misty. Hmm. Wonder why. :)

Okay, my break is over. Hope you enjoy the eye candy. Tell the owner just how much, okay?

Me, Limner

P.S. Can you imagine investing so much in a single envelope? Well I can--If I have a scanner, and if I really want to impress someone I like. How 'bout you? Do you give it your all when you write? Or do you scrawl and maul? Keep in mind, art is open to interpretation.


  1. Wow. Now that is dedication! If only I were good at drawing faces. :)

  2. WOW.. Just WOW.. so before or after mail?

  3. Those are fantastic drawings, true enough, but do they look like the actual person portrayed? :) I saw the one of Gabby S., the actress in the movie Precious, and the resemblance was weak. It's still good work. Not sure I could do it better.

    I'd like to see what you can do? Are you being coy? :) You're full of secret talents.

  4. Derrick, not sure. The more I think the more I'm inclined to believe the portraits were scanned and printed onto the envelopes. Don't you think? I cannot imagine even the best artist putting that much energy into one envelope. I guess we could always write to the artist and ask.

    And yeah, WOW. :)

  5. Oh thank goodness you posted because I was worried about you . take care and have a nice night .

  6. Hi Limner! I am behind in my letter writing also. I recently finished drawing a card using some techniques inspired by Zentangle. I sat on the card for a week and finally decided to send it to a friend in Seattle who turned me on to Zentangle as I know she'll appreciate it.

    When I'm in the letter-writing "zone" my handwriting is never better. Other times, I am embarrassed to put my mail in an envelope and send it. Only other letter writers understand this!

    Hope you are getting sunshine where you reside. The weather is quite ugly here!

  7. Those envelopes are just gorgeous, I don't think I could bare to open them in that came through my door, I'd keep the gorgeous art and never get to read the letter

  8. *phonelady, no news is good news. Means I'm busy doing something good. :) Hope you are well.

    *Susan, someone recommended Zentangle. I'm too cheap to go for it. I like the samples I saw demonstrated, so am sure anyone who gets one of your drawings will be impressed and appreciate the time and effort you invested. Hope you will post one of your pieces soon.

    I am with you on being in the zone. I'm that way with drawing, too. Some days I couldn't draw a straight line. Then vice versa.

    Yes! The sun is so kind to us in winter. I want real winter. The sun is so distracting. I calls me out and I find myself sitting outside when I should be inside doing what needs getting done. Wish I could send some shine your way. Hopefully Zentangle will distract you.

    *Saskia I'm with you to a point, but I think I'd buckle, get a new Xacto blade and slit the side open 'cause I am so nosy. LOL! Can you imagine such a piece ending up in the dead letter bin? Ouch! It was hard opening the beauties Misty gave me. I didn't open them all at once for fear of damaging even part of the paper.

    Snap! You get your mail through your door??? How lucky! We have those ugly cluster boxes. At least I have a mailbox, right? :)