Monday, January 30, 2012

Between Me & Thee

Wanna trade?

I take great pleasure in writing a letter. It composes itself as on the fly. No two are ever alike. My pen automatically adjusts my words to suit the personality of each recipient. The same thing happens with artist trading cards. My one regret is not having made duplicates. So I've begun scanning mine.

Instead of encasing this one inside a plastic sleeve, I left it bare naked inside its tiny little envelope, made especially for small works of art. I sent it in a larger piece of mail . . . 

Wanna trade?

Artist Trading Cards are another FUN form of communication. So, if you get one from me, consider it a little note between the two of us. Then, next time you write, why not slip one inside letter, and look at it as a beautiful exchange between us. Aha! Remember the aRt, remember the E. Put them together, and remember . . . er . . . We. Us. Me? 


Do you remember, "There's always room for J-e-l-l-o!"? How about "There's always time for . . . What? Being mellow? Learning the cello? Visiting Monticello? No. There's always time for . . .

Hello! How are you? Fine, I hope.

Sincerely sincere,

P.S. Wanna trade?


  1. OHH I fell in love with your card..looks so precious.I never tried making such cards before and I dont know how would they turn :/ but I'll try.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. Lovely art work! I always smile when I see your creative talents! =) Did you submit something to the Milk Gallery Mail Art Call??

  3. *Maria, thank you. Your comments feel as warm as the sun that's slowly setting here. I hope you will try. I never know how mine will turn out either. :) Just remember, you can always reposition anything you are in doubt about. It's relaxing and fun.

    Visiting your blog was delightful.

    *Oh, our little Pen Thief! Thank you. Artists value comments from fellow artists. I owe you so much. You inspire me to pick up the tools of my . . . Not trade. Although I don't think there's anything wrong with the word, since that's what artists do. We trade our talents for many things.

    No ma'am. I haven't. :( Not sure I'm ready for something like that. Yet.

  4. Lovely art card!