Thursday, January 26, 2012

And the Winner Is . . .

I had to use Bean's catalog cover. So I did. I used it to wrap the winner's gift for Carter's drawing guess-off. I mailed it today. And the winner is . . .

Now that strip along the top says My Life Is A Big Playground. What you don't see is the rest that says, But, I Don't Get To Play Until After My Work Is Done. Okay, there's a little playing while I'm working, but only sometimes. I reckon it's like living at Disney Land. There's play, but somebody's gotta do the work to keep it running. Gee, that reminded me of The Night Circus. So, congratulations Patty! 

I gave Carter the Great a neat Lego fire truck and accessories for a Christmas gift, 'cus he wants to be a fireman some day. Go Carter!

Dear phonelady, this one's for you. I wound him up, and he hovered above my desktop, just for practice. Okay, he drove. Hovering just sounds better. Anyway, I appreciate y'all for guessing. Hope Carter gets a kick out of knowing we like his work.

Dear Carter,

Write on!




  1. Oh, boy. I won. Thanks so much. And, fireman's ladders don't go sideways when they're being used! Obviously, this firetruck does more than flash lights and make noise in a parade. Right, Carter?

    And Bobbie, The Night Circus appeared in my mailbox yesterday. Thanks, I think. I read about 100 pages at school today, or rather yesterday. It's past midnight here. I'll have to leave it at home today, so I don't get fired! I'm loving it.

    1. See? Some of you are more observant than this limner, and Carter the Great knows more about fire trucks than Dr. Carter knows about liver pills, seeing as how the pills were merely laxatives and had nothing to do with livers.

      Thanks Patty.

      Wow. Glad you took to it. Was kinda holding my breath. Night Circus sucks you in, doesn't it? Doesn't matter that you're an adult. You just believe in . . . magic? Or does it jump start the imagination? I don't even like the circus as we know it, but this one? Well, read on.

      Oh. And congrats again.