Monday, December 12, 2011


Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away . . . Oh, I believe in yesterday. Yesterday! Okay. I forgot to post yesterday. I was so-so-so busy, I totally forgot to post. But, had I remembered, this is what I would have posted:

The Letter L

And I would have gone on to say, Today is brought to you by the letter L. L is for letter, and Love, and Life, and Limner. These werds should be quite easy to remember. If not . . .

 Simply think of Elle. L is elemental.

This little L is a werk of art.

the fine print 
is often 
the best place to start.

A tarted up letter goes straight to the heart

of this limner.

Oh, L! I wish you a 
Happy Noel!

And so I would have . . .
Since I didn't,
I said it today.


  1. hi saw your blog and found very interesting would like to correspond with me?
    if so please send me an e-mail
    my return is fb's and decos, label bags among other things, and here in Brazil there are several people wanting to make friends outside.

  2. Limner,
    I love how you play with always brings a smile :)
    Reading your blog in the rain forest and hoping that all is well...and yes. Yes. Yes! The mist is won-der-ful for the skin! It makes me feel years younger. The nice thing is I won't be able to see a mirror for weeks, so it can't tell me that the years off my face are a figment of my mist soaked imagination! Hugs to you! Wishing you could be here to share the fun! elle