Monday, December 5, 2011

Yellow Brick Winner & Mail Soup

Congratulations, Motherkitty. Sorry for being late with the announcement but I had to wait for JC to finish his shower. I never pick the winners myself, since it's so hard. By the way, did I mention the cover is in 3D? It's lovely to the nth degree. The goodies will go out Wednesday. Enjoy!

Outgoing holiday mail. The lone male mail clerk asked as I was gathering my empty bag and purchases after we'd done business, "Is there anything else? I know you'll be back later, because you're a regular, but I thought I'd ask." I looked at his wedding ring finger. *sigh* He's taken. Sorry Erin.

A bird's side view. *wink*

This is the little guy Grendel's sister the meanie wouldn't hand cancel. How cute is he? Wish I'd thought of making him first. Doesn't he make you wish you lived on a large ice berg, just so you two could play? Well, not one that's melting, that's for sure. And no, the ones in zoos do not count. Free the penguins!

Bev, this is so nice. Where did you get it?
Thanks for playing. 

I'm finally retiring this beauty. Thank you, Motherkitty.

I took a little time to make use of a free envelope. Tissue paper isn't just for wrapping. 

Flashback! I know I saw this back when I was a girl. Someone sent this to my grandmother. I distinctly remember staring at this with longing, wishing I had a puppy to bathe, too. Now, if I am wrong, sue me. Thanks, Jennifer. A reply is heading you way before our winter break here.

This is a busy choice for Postcrossings. Katy is synonymous with Houston. I live with a foot in both places. Okay, I can cross the street an be in Houston. The differences in sales taxes freaks me out if I let it. Wish we had proper Katy postcards. Okay, I'll make my own, doggone it.

This is just beautiful. I always wonder if they're real. Bet they're suited to hardier climes than ours. Thanks, PostMuse. Very lovely photo. Nice, sweet card, too.

I am having so much fun with this, Rusty.  Glad to know you are, too. Thanks!

I saved this for Wolfey. Hope she likes it. I'll tell you why next time round. Right now I am trying to make up for lost time. I've been busy telling and not showing. Um, by telling, I mean writing letters.

Aha! More from the stamp-covered box from Misty. Liz was very pretty back in her day, huh? If she hadn't been born to it, she could have been a star. Well, she'd need to work on her personality, but still. I've always thought she was pretty. Not all beauties age well. I mean, look at me.

Somebody left the gate open!

I like that snippet from the commercial. What a pity I don't know what they're selling, or who sings the song. Does anyone know? I've got another dollar bill--stripper-sweat-free. Talk about laundering money! Shucks. (Aside: We might have to pass the hat if I don't cut back on the trivia questions.)

Then there's this. Makes my mouth fill up with saliva. Misty, I will be on it like a tick on a hound dog, as soon as I get a break. I can't use the Singer yet anyway, so I have a lovely project to look forward to. There's more . . .

From a Postcrosser. Don't you just get it? On so many levels. Can you translate? Or should I? Ha! Well, yeah, too. Just ask.

Doesn't this just yank your heart strings? He (almost?) knows how to spell his name. And he wrote it in red crayon! He'll grow up to be a heartbreaker. Thank you, Carter-the-Great.

This arrived today. I actually Googled Civil War Ohio. 
Mail soup, right?

Another rough day in PT. Another appointment with my great endocrinologist. I've never met anyone like her. I enjoy the time in her office. Oh, and there was wet work. LOL! Okay, blood work. Too many spy stories?

Thanks for some of the best mail. I couldn't ask for better. I'm still answering, so I appreciate your patience.


  1. Limner ~
    So sorry you had another rough day in PT. I hope you're not hurting too badly. I'd rather you didn't hurt at all.
    Hooray! I look forward to receiving the giveaway goodies! This is a big surprise. I never win anything. I'm glad to have won this one. Fun!
    We had 5 inches of snow on Saturday. UGH! It's currently 5 degrees above with a windchill of -3. Oh! how I dislike winter! Being cold does NOT agree with me. ;-(
    Have a terrific day, my friend. I wish you a warm, comfortable, healing day!

  2. Citi Thank You Premeir card. The song is "Into the Wild" by LP. You can see the commerical in full at this link:

    You know, I'm never this good at trivia or blogaways! Its sort of fun! Laughs.

    Hope my mail reaches you soon!

    ... Loved all the lovely pictures you shared!

  3. {ps}

    I LOVE penquins!
    Too stoked to see Happy Feet 2!
    I know its a diversion of reality, but those little tapping feet get you in such a beautiful spirit! Its nice to focus on their beauty rather than their fate for awhile. Don't even mention polar bears to me... my heart melts.

  4. Glad you liked the Wicked envelope. I made it myself. I always have something theater-related to make envelopes out of, since I'm a theater critic and have lots of programs and promotional material available to use!

  5. Just home from running around on my day off. Brrr! Baby it's cold outside. :) For a change. We have honest to goodness real winter weather. It's 39 degrees in Houston, so that means it should be even colder in Katy, since we have less of a concrete jungle. Yay! I might have to buy a coat this year.

    Time for tea. BBL. Hope y'all are warm. Before I forget . . . Aren't the Russians nice for what they're trying to do for Alaskans? I am going to go out and buy a bottle of vodka, although I don't drink. And I'm going to talk to Santa on their behalf, and ask Hollywood to stop making movies that always show them in a bad light.

    I have learned a new word: MIR! So, "Mir!", everyone!

  6. Aww! You found it!! YAY! Expect some Carter mail soon. That penguin card is too cute. I almost bought it for myself at the store the other night..and Brad said "Perhaps someone will send you one." Well...they did! *grins* I won't tell him that...just incase he buys it for me. Haha