Saturday, December 3, 2011


I've been busy wrapping and mailing gifts. I found some of the cutest holiday cards by Papyrus. Oh, happy me! Off to the post office I flee. It pays to mail early, and WRITE "DO NOT OPEN 'TIL CHRISTMAS," or "DO NOT OPEN 'TIL CHANUKAH!" in large red letters on related packages. The ones not bearing holiday warnings are meant to be opened upon receipt.

And another thing. If you get a package from me,  and I wish you a Merry Christmas, please remember that I celebrate the holiday. And if I send a gift, it is MY way of celebrating. It's almost like me giving blood. If someone needs it, and if I'm a match with RH O-, then I am not about to ask who will get it. Nor would I ask for religious credentials before being transfused, if I needed it.  So, please don't hurt my feelings if I include you in my giving.

I am not a religious person. I am a spiritual being though. That means I like the spirit of Christmas. It's my favorite holiday, because it's the one time people give, and care, and share, all around the world. I see people greeting people, saying, "How do you do?" when they're really saying, "I love you." Sing it with me! What a wonderful world.

Okay. Mail went out every day this week, including this morning. I'm likely to use the kiosk tomorrow instead of going to the post office. I don't want to run into Grendel's sister. Sorry. I feel bad just writing it, but I've been dealing with her for over 15 years, and she just gets meaner and nastier. The other day I mailed several super neat but thick cards. Papyrus always suggests asking that their embellished cards be hand cancelled, which makes sense to me. So I put my stack of mail on the counter and asked that the two special envelopes be hand cancelled.

Well, Grendel's sister came down with a case of vocal diarrhea, and  harangued me about the meeting they had just the other day regarding NOT hand-cancelling anything unless it was a package, because hand-cancelling did not generate revenue. She was loud, too.  Naturally, I expressed my confusion since the other postal clerks do it all the time, and as recently as two days prior. Well, she wasn't having it. She went so far as to back away from the counter, and she raised her hands like I was sticking her up, or she'd found a booger on my mail.

I silently appealed to the clerk to the right. She gave me that look. You know,  the one that says, "I feel for you. We have to deal with her every day, but my name is Bess and I ain't cleaning up her mess." The others just watched. Everyone stopped what they were doing, and just watched.

Now. Here's a kicker: The envelopes needed 63 cents instead of 44. Well, I'd stuck on 3 44¢ stamps, for good measure. Wasn't that generating revenue? Oh, well. I smiled and said, "And here we are, trying to save the US Mail." Which in essence meant, "And here I am, trying to save your job."

I smiled. Gathered up my little bundle, and I walked away. But not before she'd reached out to take it. I deposited my mail via the slot in the lobby. I'm not mad. No. I'm not mad at all, but I sure am pissed off just writing about it now. Is this akin to deferred gratification?

So, if you get a lovely card from me, and it's all damaged, please know that I sent it in good faith.


Are you having fun sending holiday mail? Oh, but I am, too, if you are. I just finished wrapping 3 more gifts. I'm having fun using my new holiday stamps. The kind you use with inks and dyes, not the postage variety. I'm also getting a kick out of making holiday stamps. Nothing fancy, and I am getting around to using more of those nuisances that fall out of every magazine I read. Know what I mean?

These. What do you do with the ones you get? I've been using mine for address labels. Just cut away the superfluous stuff and have at it. Tearing it away leaves more interesting borders. Try it, okay?

So. I've had hours of fun making these. I like putting an original twist on an ageless icon. I have a plan. I want to send everyone in my address book a copy of this little card. Maybe I'll get it done in time for the new year. I am in awe over the power of a stamp.

So much fun sending these, I've had! I like sassy Ella F. Red is the color of rosy cheeks, sunsets, ruby inks, and life! Sassy Ella! Oh, scat! That cheetah forgives her.

She's timeless. 

Erin spied her in Chicago. Oh, the joy of e-mail!

Kahlo. More famous than JLo? Frida speaks to the artist in us all. 

Have you seen the movie?
This is a photo of the Houston premiere. 
I found a package of photos of the 1920s and '30s. Houston is the location. Namely downtown. Oops! I meant to say I found the postcards at Barnes & Noble. I am not that old.

This guy was just fun to use.

See? I really do use them.

I use my stamp punch to add color and cheer to my letters and packages. I use words, too.

I can't get enough of these! 
Surprises are all over.

How about another peek at the last Oz goodie. It's a 12 x 12 sheet of double-sided scrapbook stock. I almost want to keep it.


  1. Ouch! Sorry for being so long winded. Don't read all this. :( I should have broken it into two posts--maybe three.

  2. I love it !!! You just say what we all think at one time or another. Love you Limner!!

  3. Bless your heart, Kimi! Thanks. I love you too. :)

    I embarrass myself sometimes. And I certainly am an embarrassment to most of my family.LOL. Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory" says women like me are products of our hormones. My endocrine system, is in major need of thyroid hormones or estrogen. ;)

  4. You were much nicer to that postal lady than I might have been. (It would have depended on the day...) I love your holiday excitement-so contageous in a great way! Thanks!!

  5. LOL. Therapy pays off. It came to me this afternoon: Some people get off on ruining someone else's day. Being mean in return is easy. Not reacting or reacting in a good way is hard in the beginning, but it gets easier every time I remember not to let "them" make me sweat. I just cuss in private after I get home. :) Besides, she's always grouchy, rude, and mean. I doubt if she's going to change any time soon. LOL.

    Aww. You just put the cherry on my day. Thanks. I am really feeling the holiday spirit. I have another bag of cheer going out tomorrow. I have PT first. :J

    Let's ride the wave together, right on through Christmas, and into the new year.

  6. Grendel's sister... that's great! I'll use that one if I have the unfortunate opportunity to...with your permission, of course.

  7. LOL! Shame on me, huh? Remember imagining what Grendel looked like as you read Beowulf? My monster changed so many times . . . I should read it again, just to see what I imagine now that I'm more mature. Ha! Mature? :) I deny you permission to use that one. If I do, it means you'd have to have an ugly experience, too. I wouldn't wish her on anyone. ;) Be good. Unlike me. :( I wish you good from everyone. :)

  8. I never was able to form a clear and steady mental image of Grendel. But then, it's been a while since I've read the book. It's definitely worth another read. I've been poking my way through The Odyssey so perhaps I should say, "Polyphemus' sister." ...doesn't have such a nice ring to it, does it?

  9. When someone I run across regularly is *always* unpleasant, I have to wonder how truly unhappy that person is in his/her own skin/life. Why else would ruining someone else's day be a goal? Ugh.

    I love your attitude about celebrating. You have a generous spirit.

  10. Hallo Limner!

    I couldn't resist responding back to your message about *holiday* cards being sent and received. I posted this message originally on the Pen Thief's blog, but you might not have seen it.

    I've always taken a chance on sending Christmas cards to my pen pals... I've done that since I first started over 20+ years ago. Ironically, its only within the last decade people have been more in my face about it... which is why I grow nervous each year... however, I've decided, its a holiday I personally celebrate and if I cannot share it with a friend then what is the point!? Of course, I have never sent out Christmas cards that are religiously bent, as I'm just not that way... I have faith but I don't wear it on my sleeve. Therefore I never understood the fuss!? I celebrate Christmas in a very broad spectrum when writing my friends so I personally find it odd/offensive is someone writes me back in New Year and says that was horrid or don't do that again. Usually those friendships die right then and there. I mean, seriously!? IF you cannot spread peace, goodwill, and happiness in Winter what can you do the rest of the year through!?

    Especially since I've always written about home, family, hearth, love, peace, happiness, good health and wellness and things of that nature... leaving what Christmas means to each of us open to interpretation. If I find out a friend celebrate's a different holiday completely I amend the next year's card, but again, those friends NEVER take offense and heartily accept the card I sent for the reasons I've stated as to why I gave it in the first place! :) You'd be surprised in the last 3 years how many so-called friends I lost at Christmastime! And, all for general "Happy Holidays" type greetings or it said Happy Christmas but was focusing on being together with family and friends. Sighs.

    Its an upside down world.

    ... You weren't long winded at all. You simply had a lot to share and needed the space to vent. Besides, its YOUR BLOG. Write what you want to write about! :)

    Cheers! Here's to Christmas Mail! O rah!

    PS: I stand on the ledger that a card of friendship and goodwill should never be taken offensively. Christmas has now become my acid test for friendships. Those who are with me past the holidays I know are my true blue friends. Those that are not, were not meant to be. Don't ever be afraid to be who you are and give of your heart.

  11. LOL. I agree, but you are much too nice to be influenced by me. The Odyssey was never a favorite but., but I didn't/don't dislike it. :) Armand Assante used to be so hot, until he starred in the movie. Not sure why he fell from lust with me. Maybe I should take another look at Homer's story before I outgrow my reading/re-read list. Thanks for reminding me.

  12. Medical Librarian, that's great insight. I wish I could alway remember that before reacting without thinking. Practice makes perfect, right? So, I'll have to work harder at remembering to think first.

  13. Thanks for such a lovely compliment. I'll never use half the goodies I have on hand. I have too much, so I have to share. Wish I could find homes for more of my books. Maybe it's something I'll work on this summer. I joined book crossing several years ago, but I'm not sure anyone ever picks up the books I leave behind. LOL. I fear they're probably resold when I leave them in B&N's Starbuck's.