Friday, December 2, 2011

Love is in the details . . .

Such detail dazzles.

Everything else was lost in its shadow.

Nothing I bought the day this arrived seemed to matter.

Remember, "It's what's up front that counts?" Words recalled from an old commercial.

Paper white
Makes shadows light.

In side out.
Girl you turn me . . .

You're tops.
You're at the top of my list!

Are you familiar with the story of 1,001 cranes? If no, then you owe it to yourself to read it. If yes, then you know how dear they are. Have you ever wished for something that seemed bigger than you? I have. 

Remember my alluding to buttered bread cast upon the waters coming back toast? Did you think about it? Or were you turned off by the scripture reference? It doesn't matter. 'Cause this is what I meant: I like to feel I have pretty much everything I need in life. I have almost everything I want, except for a few of the most simple things I've never asked for. Like a 1,001 white paper cranes. 

I like origami. Erin and I used to make the little frogs that hopped. We taught ourselves origami when we were snowed in one winter. We lived in Colorado. My daughter and I had so much fun folding paper! She was better at it. Her hands were so tiny. She grasped the ideas much quicker than I ever did. As you probably know by now, I tend to swallow camels and choke on gnats. 

We read books out loud even when the weather was great. The story of 1,001 Cranes was a favorite. Erin made me a crane. She was probably eight or nine then, but she was a number one crane folder. I kept it. It's stashed in a plastic tub in the garage someplace I can't reach. But I know it's there. I've played around with origami envelopes; they were fun, but I'm too timid to try my hand at folding cranes. I want white cranes to hang from the ceiling in my studio.

Misty sent me a map crane. It lay nestled near the lip of the map covered cigar box she gave me. Cranes fly. I imagine mine flying above the mapped out courses I dream of trekking some day. If I could, I would tie the map crane to a piece of string and let it float above Misty's map. Where it stopped is where I would go. In my tricked out Winnebago. Dreams are cheap folks.

Wanting a thing can make it so. Like Capt. Picard always said with knowing, "Data, make it so." It so it was. My wanting turned to asking. I commissioned 101 cranes. I waited for a quote. It never came. I held on to hope. And sure enough, the little artist wrote, "Oh, I can make a hundred cranes in . . . "

I insisted on paying. Even went online and researched the going price for 101 paper cranes. You see, even ten percent of 1001 would make my dreams come true. So I waited . . .


  1. Oh that box is pretty with all the stamps :)
    I hope the mail is quick and will deliver you the little present I send you yesterday ;) I also put a lot of different stamps on that ;)

  2. I will share my crane story with you when I send you the ATCs. I found this story as remarkable as the one that I lived. There is something rather instinctively magical that evolves from people who learn about the cranes' history and the purpose they have to be in the world.

  3. I received your letter and note card. Some of my best mail all week! Thank you!

  4. I am so very glad that you like them. And even though I am part of your story I am having fun reading it. :)

  5. There's more to come. Today's PT was rough, and, since I promised not to whine . . . I'm whipped. :)
    Had a conversation just minutes ago with Erin about my cranes. :) Thanks one more time, Misty!

  6. Inbound mail! :)
    Be on the lookout for a happy little box arriving next week! Its all decked out in Victorian flaire with loads of wickedly delightful stamps on it!


  7. LOL! Find the hedgehog? Oh, my. Bad limner. I looked in the mirror. ;)

    Thank you! This is so much fun.

  8. TMC, here's hoping your mail box is busy this week.

    Misty, LOL! If only you knew. More photos are coming this week. Every day there is something new to discover.

  9. Anonymous, my hair makes me feel like I might resemble a hedgehog, some days. :)