Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Limnersville. It changes after I pack a bag, ransack my trust fund, and do a mail run. After I return it just looks like I need a housekeeper. The only evidence of all-things-Christmasy ends up being snippets of pretty paper, colorful tapes, tags, and empty shopping bags. Feist loves the empty bags. Well, they don't even have to be empty for her to have fun. She crawls inside, attacks the contents, turns around, and looks at me.

But anyway. There won't be much readable mail going out again until after the new year. There just aren't enough hours in one day to do what I do in December, and still find time to write letters. Besides, it's better to send a gift than a letter. No, I am not wealthy enough to buy, wrap, and mail 40+ nice gifts. So, I put the names from my address book into a bag, and pull a number of regulars. No, again. I can't afford gifts for even half of 40, but I do what I can. Each day, I hit the floor running, grabbing lists, calculating the best routes to my favorite stores, right after I check for coupon updates on my iPhone. I tell you, I learned quite by accident that cashiers can simply scan the coupon on your phone, and bingo! You're done. No more clipping, and digging through receipts, and holding up lines. Yes! Thank God for great technology!

And another thing. Please, will you ask your mail peeps (your regular postal employees) if THEY are allowed to hand cancel packages? It's outlawed in Katy. One of my mail peeps told me the meanie was right about them not being able to hand-cancel any more. I thanked her for telling me, and I explained why my nose turned so red. In the end, she hand-cancelled all of my packages. She stamped the roll of tape I bought, too. Meanie can say "It's raining," and make it sound like she hopes you get struck by lightning. So, I'm just wondering if you guys are under the same ban, too.

And another and: Has anyone seen the tube? Remember the One Incher? I hoped it would have made it home by now. *sigh*

Anyway . . . I am so in the Holiday Spirit. It's like being possessed. Not that I know what possession is like, but still . . . I can imagine. I make joyful noises! I bought a package of Muse Tokens. I like to grab a handful and jingle 'em. They make the sweetest sounds.

I repurpose beautiful paper with lovely images. I dislike the word "repurpose." Glad I could get that off my chest. This is an image of The Lennon from a pen catalog. I couldn't throw it away, so I used it on an envelope for Anna someone special.

I've used up most of my Christmas bling. What's left is just as much fun. So, if you get a package fro me, LOOK ON THE BACK FIRST! Obey all instructions, is all I'm saying.

While I'm being honest, let me say "I cannot stand to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" one more time. I simply cannot bear it. Watching it for the 20th time sickens you. Write that in the palm of you hand, and see if I'm not right. Don't wash that hand until the 19th viewing. Then write me a note, telling me I'm right. It won't cost you more than a stamp. 

I like these holidays. I get to send stories on packages for free! It's really hope, belief and trust that I'm setting free. It happens every time you open a package, and listen to me. Or, open first--believe later. I tried to tell you once before: Patience and believing while in Hell, builds up rewards in this lifetime. You just gotta believe. And, so, it is Christmas! 'Tis the season, what ever the reason. I, for one, am truly believing. I believe we all have generous spirits. You certainly prove it each time you give your time to write a letter. 

"As you give, so shall you reap." That's always made sense to me. 

Bitterness is always tempered with sweet. Dear Henderica! It came! Thank you! Your package was the only thing in my mailbox, but it was all I saw anyway. Such amazing stamps. You gave me my first Postcrossing stamps! Thank-you endlessly. Thanks for each stamp. I pored over the envelope. I almost tripped on the curb 'cause I was looking so hard. I opened it right there in the parking lot. And I laughed. I promise you, the first thing that got me were the colors. A rainbow! Then I saw the carrot. Really, I just knew it came from the horse's patootie. I laughed so hard, I accidentally hit the horn when I pounded the steering wheel. 

The gift paper holds a season of stories. And a few questions: Who is the guy in the pantaloons? Is he meant to be a Moor? I learned you  celebrate December 5th. Sorry my gift is late. I mailed it yesterday. I learn so much from everyone. Letter to follow! But, the box!

The ad designer in me never goes to sleep. How can this company afford to sell such delicious chocolates at an affordable price when they use so much ink on their packaging? I'd never toss a single box. Most especially . . . Drumroll! . . . A chocolate L! I had to open it. Chocolate letters. They're the best kind of alphabet. Thank you! I have a weakness for hazelnuts and chocolate. 

Oh. I had to open the box. It rattled, you see. Someone broke the L to bits. Jealousy! Pure jealousy! I'm sure they smelled the chocolates. After I saw it, well, I had to take a bite--just to see if Dutch milk chocolate is as yummy as I imagine. Yes! So, Donavan, yes, too. I am finally pissed off about crushed, bent, man-handled mail. Thank you, dear Henderica! That broken L tasted so good, I ate a 1 inch square. Maybe two inches. Who carries a ruler? ;)

Yes, it's beginning to feel taste smell look a lot like Christmas, here in Limnersville.

P.S. Don't open your gifts yet, people! Unless I say so. :)


  1. I just had to mail Brads gift back because it didn't work. And they happily hand cancelled it without me asking. Then again my post office is never all that busy. Maybe that has something to do with it?

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying the season...make the most of it dear Limner! Enjoy some of the chocolate for me! Oh... I am going to visit a cacao farm while I'm here so I'll see what I can bring you back :)

  3. Ah good it arrived, to bad it broke but well it goes in your stomach broken also ;)
    I seem to have 2 (of the 5) H's left from our Sinterklaas celebration.
    Yes that guy in the puffy pants supposed to be a Moor.
    Hahaha bet the horse poops carrots since it get a lot of them ;)
    The shop this letter is from has had these packaging for years and each letter has it's own box with different drawings

  4. Hallo Limner!!

    Christmas is looking especially bright with my wicked sweet vintage snowmen postie!! Thank you for such a lovely holiday greeting!! I would have dropped you a happy email but I haven't heard from you yet in that way, so I couldn't! :/

    Hope your well!

  5. Sorry Pen Thief! I meant to inquire about hand-cancelled envelopes. Did the penguin's envelope make it okay? I sent a bejeweled card that required hand-cancelling, too, but Meanie said "No way." That's why my nose was out of joint. :<)

    Oh, Elle! I am. I just spent too much money on Christmas gifts. I bought for my friends and pen pals, but didn't buy for family, so the last two days I've been spending like a mad hatter. :( And wrapping like a rapper rhymes. Meaning I don't know what's what. ;) I have a code. Then each Christmas Erin has to open gifts without names, and I go, "Oh! Pass that to (whomever)!" It drives the recipients nuts, but I have fun. :) And I took another 2 - 4 inches bite of that yummy-yumsome chocolate just for you. Talk about good! I'd propose to Henderica if I were a male. :)

    Heavens to Mergatroid, Elle! I'd chew the leaves if you brought me some. LOL! You are too sweet to even try. Hope you're not having too much fun. Too much of anything will make you sick. ;) I'd hate for you to be sick. :D

    Hope you get to dance barefoot in the sand!

    Anonymous. Send me your e-mail and I'll try again. I sent one the same day you mentioned it. Try limners7@yahoo.

    Time to wrap some more. Oh. Three out of five gifts purchased today were for me. :( Means I have to go to the mall yet again.

  6. Hallo Limner!

    I emailed you last night! :) Hope it reached you this time round! Thanks for posting! I was wondering what had happened!

    Have a great week preparing for Christmas! You deserve it! :)

  7. Oh gosh what beautiful Mail :) - Lovely blog too! may I ask where you got the plane stickers from? they're wonderful! maybe we could correspond sometime? Happy Holidays! Peace & Love - Rin @ Paperedthoughts

  8. Lincoln, Nebraska is still able to hand cancel. I geared myself up to brave asking when I went to the post office on Saturday, and then I had the only friendly clerk in my local branch, so asking was easy.

  9. You dear, sweet, wonderful person. Sadly, I did not see the "do not open" until after I'd opened. I won't say what it is, but I will say that the gods of serendipity were working overtime because it was just the pick-me-up I needed on that day. Thank you SO much!

  10. Bev, you're forgiven. LOL. Two gifts came for me today! Imagine that! :D TWO! One is a box tall enough to half a toddler. Or a walking doll. Haha! Remember those? The other made its way across the great pond.

    More comments and a new post tomorrow. PT is . . . It keeps me off the computer, and it cuts down on writing. Both require a bended neck or elevated arms. But I am not whining. No sire Bob, I'm not. Just saying.

    One more mass gift mailing, then am calling it quits. Have been reassured my mom's gifts will make it to Dallas in time, but there's no guarantee on the out of state packages. I am done with overseas mailing, since I'm out of luck time-wise.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the season. I missed delivering my Hanukkah gifts today. :( Well, Christmas is just as nice.

    Happy shopping. There are 6 days left.

  11. Thank you for the gift Limner, it is sat beautifully under my Christmas tree! Everyday it's gets more and more tempting to open it but I have the power within to resist! I wish your Christmas to be full of happiness, love and health (:

    E x

  12. Thanks! Merry Christmas, y'all!

    Emma, you made my day brighter. Hope you enjoy your gift. I hope you will use it. :) I admire your power to resist. It's not an easy thing to do. Happy Christmas!

    Rin, I scanned the page I took the plane sticker from. Will upload first chance I get.

    Medical Librarian, hope Maya has a grand Christmas. You, too. :) Was her list long enough to break the bank? LOL.


  13. Hello, Rin! Thanks for stopping by, and for leaving a lovely comment. Just checked out your blog. Very very nice! I like-I like-I like. :)

    The plane sticker is from October Afternoon. I bought a 12 x 12 sheet of mail related stickers at Archivers here in Katy. You can find the sheet here: I have most of these:

    Letting them go isn't easy. :) Hope you'll try them. Let me know if you have trouble finding any of them.