Thursday, December 1, 2011

Calling All Bounty Hunters!

(It was funny how all the golden light acted as camouflage for the bee, but not the fly. It almost disappeared among the black and gold.)

Letter writers are such intelligent, bright, smart, knowledgable people. So. I ask you, can you identify this fly? Can you tell me why a fly is called a fly? A lot of things fly, but they have proper names. There's even the house fly, the horse fly, the deer fly.

This little guy is tiny. I shot him using my macro. He took the spotlight from a honey bee. He was all over the sunflowers. Note the patterns that stand out? I tried to see if he had a stinger, but wasn't about to test him. I will give $1.00 to the first person who can correctly identify this little fella. 

So, are you a bounty hunter? In other words: H-E-L-P!

Thank you.


  1. Limner,

    You drew the interest of a girl who cannot stand insects! LOL Therefore, I set myself out to bing an answer for you! I had no clue how hard it was to find a site that is dedicated to insects & flies!! I did a broad search than added "texas" and from there, I bounced off a University's website (all about insects, mind you! ick), and found this one:

    I was encouraged as your fly was on a flower, and the first click button is "hover flower flies". Who knew!? I think this is the species as they come in different colours. Let the slideshow run through and you'll find one that is nearly identical.

    Specifically the "syrphid fly" which is captioned underneath the slideshow. Click on that small button to enlarge. That looks to me like a near-match!?

    These flys apparently are bee and wasp mimics. Now, I must confess that this is INTERESTING. Even for a non insect fan! LOL

    I'm okay if I'm too late for the prize.
    OR if I'm batting zero on identification!

    ... Small update, on my piece of mail that is coming at you? I am hoping to post it in Saturday's Mail, but I cannot seem to sort out a way to make a handmade postie to reflect the quote I wanted to use. Therefore, except some ATCs coming your way instead! :) Yes, this is the girl with the 2 Thanksgivings... :)

    Cheers to having mail out to you!!

    PS: This page on wikipedia explains that their all really just called "hoverflies" and why they are the way they are:

  2. I believe it is a cicada killer. The female is able to sting but are generally non aggressive. I hope this helps!

  3. A fly's proper name is Musca Domestic, but his brother when he was little, called him Fly and it stuck...

  4. These are lovely photos by the way :)

  5. Amazing! I'm waiting to hear from our local experts about the correct identity, but it would be nice to hear what others have to say. Who thinks Anonymous is correct? Who thinks Elle is correct? I am so amazed at you two.

    I'm going to wash the one dollar bill I have. I will let it dry. I will iron out the wrinkles and send it to the winner on the day the local university gets back to me. Why am I going to wash the money first? Ahem. I am going to wash it first, 'cause it smells like a stripper's . . . ah--ahh--achoo!

    Seriously. I am so tired of getting dollar bills that smell like a stripper wore it. :)

    Hahaha! Elle, your answer sounds like the one I gave my brother about those white ropy things attached to eggs. Girl, you sure you're not from Texas? LOL.

    Aww. Thanks for the compliment. I love my macro. I am crazy for my backyard, too. How was your day?

    Anonymous, you're a great researcher. You go at it a bit like I do, them get a shock when you get results. That's called free thinking' my friend. :)

  6. ATCs. Oh my. ATCs. CRS strikes again. I just had some of the best pistachio gelato, and my mind went south.

    Made spaghetti for dinner and forgot to boil the pasta. So I had dessert. Sugar makes me slip my tether. I still don't know what ATC means. Help? Without embarrassing me, please?

    Oh! And wait until I tell y'all how I've been getting duped all this time. It happened at the post office. Today. Am fuming. Or maybe it's just the sugar rush.

    Anyway. BBL. Gotta go finish dinner.

  7. Hallo Limner!

    Inbetween writing a letter I've been ducking back to your blog! :O Laughs. Wow. That's wicked we have that in common!? Getting all caught up in the moment and the discovery!? Thanks for the compliment on being a good researcher! I've had practice - I'm a writer by trade. I know most writers hate to research but I think its what has fueled my passion for writing. I just love to be knee deep into a topic that whets my fancy!

    ATCs = artist trading cards

    Their little pieces of collage art that mail artists like to send as a way to give a 'small' bit of art to their friends. They're only 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 in size! Roughly the size of a standard playing card. Their my go-to art project of late. And, due to the size it will help me fit everything into the non-envelope that its all being mailed into for you! :)

    Which brand of pistachio gelato did you score!?
    Was it Talenti!?
    I have to admit that is a weakness of mine when its on BOGO!

    The PO used to vex me something fierce so I can well imagine!

    ...waiting on pins to see which of us was right! :)

  8. LOL! Sorry. Egg on my face. I fell asleep. Pillow creases on my cheek, too. Came to sign off and officially go to bed, but had to check in one more time.

    Am happy I did. The e-mail to Texas A & M's know-it-alls bounced back. So will try again tomorrow.

    You're a writer? Hmm. Wonder if I've read anything you've written. Gosh, gee, goodness, but I'm sitting here in the dark just cracking up. Are you putting me on?

    ATCs! Of course! I have the cards, the sleeves, the envies . . . Maybe I should use them, but you're the first person I've bumped into who uses them. In fact, I used one last night. I tore it in half and wrote an address on it. :) This is too cool, even for me. I made a giant ATC for someone special, but now I'm going to make a real one. :) Tomorrow. :( It's early to bed tonight. There's PT in the morning. Now am really looking forward to my first ATC. :)

    Wait a minute! Do you know me? I'm the only person I know who buys Talenti! That pistachio gets me in trouble. And, yes, they're on sale for $3.99.

    Oh! About the post office? I'm ratting her out in tomorrow's post. I refuse to give them strokes on the back of my mail. Not for doing what they're paid to do in the first place. Ouch! I sound like mean tempered old woman, but fair is fair. Well, not really, but still . . .

    Now I'm wide awake. Neck hurts, too, but I want to play with the Sand Man some more. So goodnight. I hope no one has bed bugs to bite! Who thought up that little gem?

    What time is it for you? :) Which side of the pond are you on? You say hallo, yet you celebrate T'giving. Oh, my. I'll cogitate before I slumberate. :D I like a mystery!

  9. Hi Limner,
    Today was a crazy busy day...I cooked and baked all day in order to prepare for the 11 hikers we have coming down here on Saturday... They will be staying for a week. We will take them hiking up volcanos and down to the pools at the bottom of 500 ft. waterfalls. Once they are gone I will spend the rest of my trip enjoying some time with my husband, my camera and mango batidas with just a touch of 7 year old Flor de Canas rum! But for tonight I am laying in bed listening to the Tilawa winds as they rattle the tin roof of my bedroom, I must be crazy, but somehow I find the sound comforting... How about you? How was your day?

  10. OMG, Elle! Hey, girl! Was on my way to bed. AGAIN! I am so weak when it comes to knowing I have new comments. :) Had to say hey when I saw your name.

    Oooh, weee, man! You write pictures. I am grateful to you for posting on your blog. Everything looks so pretty there. That chair? I'm gonna make mine. I'm gonna paint one for my studio. :)

    $35 for some chedda? I could have sent some by RAT Express cheaper than that. :) Bet it tasted better than ambrosia. I have never been able to capture a rainbow. Not once. Love yours. Looking forward to seeing those falls.

    Rum. LOL. Don't talk alcohol to me right now. You have one for me, okay? Back in the day I could chugalug with the best. I'd work a mango over though. :)

    Wow! Do you windsurf? I'm not sure about the rattling but I loved sleeping to the sound of rain on a tin roof, when I spent the night with my grandmother. There's nothing like it. I never suffered from insomnia then. :)

    Me? I had a good day. Thank you for asking. I have PT in the morning, so . . . Wow. Gotta say goodnight, dear Elle. So, Goodnight. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Hahaha

    "tired of getting dollar bills that smell like a stripper wore it"

    Mind you I got a 5 euro bill Wednesday that looked like they pulled it out of the mud, good thing I could spend it in the next shop ;)

  12. I never met a writer who claimed to be one and turned out to be something else completely!? I truly am a writer. My work is still unpublished but that will not always be the case. I'm on our side of the Pond, but I'll explain by Post why my UK roots translate into my everyday vanacular! And, no, I haven't met you until the first day I stopped by your blog!

    I was tempted to buy Talenti one day when our local green grocer put those gem of gelatos on sale, and hooked I've forever been since! My favourites are: blood orange, pistaschio, and sea salt caramel! OOH, my dear goodness each taste is heavenly!

    It helped too, that on very, very rare occassions the bakery department gives out free samples, and if your lucky, you hit it on the day Talenti is being served! Technically, I suppose the blood orange is sorbet not gelato, but hey! Its all good, its all Talenti!

    I look forward to hearing your adventures with ATCs. My personal style is Vintage and Victorian, as those are the realms of mixed media art that I enjoy exploring. Take a ganderment over at Lunagirl.

  13. Ewwww .... I never thought of my dollar bills that way but I'll probably never get that out of my head now! LOL!!! Funny stuff! NICE NICE NICE photos!!

  14. Here is a photo and some info I found on the web.

  15. LOL, Henderica. You understood what I meant even with my bad grammar. See? Indignation is universal! Those dancers have some of the strongest perfume.

    Hahaha! Hope you washed your hands after. ;)

    Hey, Susan. Girl, don't even ask me how I know, 'cause if you did I might have to tell you. ;) Thanks for the compliment. Funny how all the gold swallowed up the bee. Or maybe that's how it's supposed to be, huh?

    Elle, I saw that link. It was one of the first I explored. I think I have to give the dollar to Anonymous, since everyone here seems to agree. That fly is so tiny I didn't even notice it at first. The wasps are much larger. Heavier, too. That fly is a young flower fly, aka syrphus ribesii, I'm thinking. Or even a young episyrphus balteaus, or its cousin.

    Thanks for helping me figure it out.


  17. Oh my dear goodness!
    I won!?
    This is wicked sweet!!
    Blogaways are seriously a heap of fun!

    Once my little funky shaped mail reaches you, and you find the hedgehog, you'll have my contact info!

    I have a new respect for these little hover/flower flies as I was reading about how they help pollinate our gardens! I've never seen one as we have loads of bubblebees and wasps! Thanks for introducing me to them! I'll keep an eye out to see if any stop by!

  18. Don't shoot me. Please. I'm trying to keep up with Barney's Version.
    I like funky shaped mail, and I used to want a hedgehog when I was a kid. The only ones to be had now are the metal ones meant for mud rooms--the kind you use to scrape mud off your gum boots. :) I just know I'm gonna find that little dude right away. Oooh! Barney's going south.

    LOL. Hover flies are respectable little creatures. See? I live and learn something new every day. We read the same article, maybe? Who knew they were pollinators?

    Hope you see your local hover flies soon, or come spring. :)

  19. Sorry! Yes, you won. I meant to announce it but my head is so happy, I can't seem to do much more than enjoy the moments. They have been long moments, too.

    I woke to a body freed from pain. I woke to the aftermath of rain. Yesterday we couldn't see the sky because of the clouds that descended, and hung just about the roof tops all day long. It reminded me of a Colorado sky, pre-snow. How I miss those winters.

    As soon as the rain stopped again, Therd Eye and I went hunting. Ouch. This has nothing to do with letter-writing. I'll be back later.

    Congrats! Gonna go wash another dollar, hang it to dry, and it'll head your way once I get your mail address. :) All God's creatures are hiding out since London Fog does not make their sizes in rain gear.

    Be well.

  20. Limner,

    Don't be too disapointed: the hedgehog was a reference to something a bit smaller than you were expecting!? I was simply trying to let you know if you found a unique mailable object in your mail and there is a 'hedgehog' on it, then that's from me! (smiles) I have not yet come across a hedgehog that could be mailed...

    This is my first foray into mailable objects, and I was soo taken by the ease to send what I sent at the Post Office, that I want to try to do that more often! Wow. It was super easy!

    Thanks for all your well wishes and happy thoughts! I took a walk today and found a lovely Sandhill Crane couple who were eager for their pictures to be taken! Such graceful beauties! They are full of reverance on the ground, but I had a friend tell me that their worse than flamingos in the air; true chatterboxers with loads of squaky noise! Who knew!?

    I find myself always open to learning about nature,... even if I end up surprising myself, like I did the other day with these little flies!