Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Buttered Bread Cast Upon the Waters

. . . still comes back toast!

Tell me 
have you ever

Aha! Gotcha! 'Cause you see, I am serious. I am as serious as cellulite. I wrote a letter on a loaf. I buttered it well. I will cast it upon the mail waters, and pray that it makes its destination as warm, lovely toast.

Please, please, please! Be honest. Don't read other people's mail! It's not nice. But, if you do, I will beat you till you're buttered and blue. With another loaf. I had too much fun writing this. My neck hurts like someone gave it a karate chop, but it was hurting before I started writing.So . . . And let me tell you, it's not easy writing on bread. It makes you squint, 'til it hurts inside your head. Still, and all . . . 

Oh, what fun it is to write on wheat or rye at night! Oh! Buttered mail, buttered mail, buttered mail tonight! Oh, what fun it is to write on wheat or rye at night.

I almost sliced it, but I have a thing with sharp objects. I might try it again; slice it; add layers of cheese, lettuce, onions, mushrooms . . . Then again, it might lose its charm the second time around. Or not.

 It has to dry overnight. Better photos tomorrow, because I'll have natural light. One more time! I HAD SO MUCH FUN!

(Please, don't read the letter. I trust you.)


  1. Totally neat!! If this goes through the post ok...may I add it to the link on my blog of mailable objects? It would link back to your post of course. But I think it would be neat to have it among the frisbees and such. =)

    1. This is too weird. The post is in the Draft folder despite being published. There are 36 such items in said folder.