Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Writer Up!

As in batter up? Or maybe, write 'er up? Who knows? It made me smile, so it's my title. More mail went out today, and I disappointed my favorite postal clerk a second this week by not having any tarted up mail. She let me know, too. Rubbed my nose in it, she did. It was a blow so strong I had to down my head in shame. Seriously.

I transacted my business and quickly slunk off to the comfort of my automobile, and took the back roads home. Okay, I usually take the back roads 'cause there's less traffic, but saying it like it was shameful only strengthens my bid for sympathy and understanding.

See, I think they want to be entertained now. They enjoy looking at Limner's mail: Incoming! and Outgoing. Have I created a Limnerstein? A monster wrapped in tarted up envies and stamp art? The very idea makes me shiver with pleasure. Who am I kidding? Ahem .  . .

Elle, you got some major props today? Girrrl, I ran the risk of getting busted for my beautiful Limner Poste! Ha-ha, for real. Char, my favorite clerk, thought the USPS had sneaked a new stamp past her. I had to explain. She thought it was the real deal. Honesty is an illness that befalls me quite often, and keeps me out of trouble. But can you imagine anyone trying to skate a 44 cents postage due bill?

I am regarded as something of a celebrity now, Elle, thanks to you. You upped my value immensely. How can I ever thank you? Char went over your art with a fine eye, and pronounced it "something else." We Texans are quite the phrase turners, you know. Oh, yes, you upped my stock value big-time.

This is yesterday's mail. Ten pages are winging their way to England as I type, and you read. The postcard corner peeking at you is on its way to OH, and I forget where the other two are headed. See the smiley faces? Clear proof that I couldn't/wouldn't/didn't wait until I got home before opening phonelady61's bright mail. I am so weak sometimes. I needed to make sure she wasn't in the hospital again. My friend is poorly and needs cheering up. Being ill is the pits. Not Brad, 'cause I'd take him over a dose of medication any day. You never hear of Angie being sick, do you? A good looking . . . Wow. Sorry. It's just . . . Okay, it needs saying: He's good medicine.

No photos of todays outgoing, but Misty, the book is on its way. Wish I could deplete my stacks this way more often. Thanks for taking it off my hands. For the first time in my life, I have more books than I will re-read. Thanks, dear Pen Thief. Parting with my werdy friends isn't always easy. I know this one is going to a good home, too.

The Hall of Shame

I buy our food on Wednesday. I start at WFM and end up at Kroger. Remember my little Kleenex box project? Well, guess what was on sale for $2.89 today. Well, yeah. I find it hard to confess paying almost $3 for a box, since you know I didn't pay for the paper towels.  You'll understand in just a sec . . .

Remember this? 

Now it looks like this. I found the roll of stamp paper tape, from 7gypsies at Archiver's. I so like their products! Two strips dressed it up so fine it needed a partner. To the left! To the left!  

A close-up only makes it prettier. But, another minor adjustment is in the werks, so stay tuned. Less is more, but a threesome is awesome. Shame on y'all! The tape came three rolls to a pack. 

Shades of Project Runway, huh? Anyhow, I am debating whether or not I should cover the pretty white box, add embellishments, and be done, or use more of the mail themed papers I have on hand, cover it and embellish it. This is so hard. What would you do? Remember, one is for outgoing mail, and the other is for incoming. I have a mail mess on my hands. Mail is everywhere. I can do better, and these are my attempts at escaping the Hall of Shame. Help a sister out, please?

Sincerely sincere,


P.S. Some of you certainly have bought something just for the packaging! I recall reading a post recently about this very thing! And Ashley likes tins. See? Ad design is all about the packaging. So why ain't I rich? Oh! And yes, the contents of the new box will be used. It's going into the guest bathroom downstairs. Hope JC and I can manage to use it up before Thanksgiving. 


  1. I love your idea of covering them! I am thinking of attempting to make a kleenex box cover out of something..and then covering them like you did. How lovely would that be? Perhaps I can find a cheap one at the thrift store...

  2. Hey! You're home. :) Thanks for liking my project. I'm going to take your input and cover the new box. I wanted real mailboxes for In and Out, but couldn't resist making my own.

    I'd love to see what you come up with. You're so resourceful. Whatever you do will be lovely. Now I'm really hoping to use the new box of paper towels super fast.

    I used the first one last night. I emptied it this morning. Mail went out. :) I still overlooked a postcard. Sometimes I wonder about me. :D

    Before I forget. I almost went into a thrift store today! We pass it all the time. Was in a hurry and would have had to make a u-turn to get there, but I have a date with Goodwill tomorrow. If I remember. Thanks, Misty.

  3. Oh! BTW, I forgot. The Kleenex art and type are printed on clear film that comes off. The box is beautiful on its own. I should have taken a better photo, but I plan to use some great mail art embellishments I have stashed, that needs using.

    Thanks, Misty.