Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Things I Keep!

(My Walford Postcard)

I have to laugh at myself now, before someone else gets the first shot. Why should I miss out on all the fun, huh? See? I have my little secrets, too. Like, loving Willie Nelson in private. Yes, I was a closet country fan. Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, and, yes indeed, HeeHaw used to be the only thing on Saturday television, in  Jasper. Jr. Sample taught me how to belly laugh without a belly. 

I believe bad television was responsible for healthy children back in the day. After the Saturday cartoons and the Lone Ranger, Sky King, and, oh, yes, Underdog, too, we hit the door running. We ran like it was recess, and there was no such thing as ADHD. Excess energy? We ran it off. (Now I write it off. Ha!)

I watched Eastenders on the sly. I subscribed to the Walford Gazette, and the newsletter. Ha! I even pledged when PBS begged, "Help us save Eastenders." I got to watch the show in privately--with no interruptions--in secret even, because it came on after everyone else was in bed. Did every British actor/actress do time on the show?

Anyway . . . I eventually outgrew it, but until now, you couldn't have paid me to admit that I watched. Okay, I did once. To a Brit. Who lives in Manchester. Never again. Except for now. LOL! It's okay to admit my curiosity, since I haven't kept up with the goings on in Walford in almost 2 years. I lost the plot, and haven't mustered enough energy to backtrack. Such a silly show anyway. Far worse than any American soap, but that Dot kept me tuning in. How anyone ever fell for Phil Mitchell . . . Sorry. That's not what this is about. It's about memories that ride the post. And their ticket is a postage stamp.

Somewhere, in one of my keepsakes boxes are 10 year old newsletters, postcards, letters, and other secret mail that needs to see the light of day. But only if I can bear telling the tales that brought them to me. 

Do you have secret mail? If yes, then own up to it. Don't be ashamed. Share it. Then sit back with ankles crossed, and harbor high hope that someone else gets the "why" of it all. I am discovering that we are never alone. It's fun, this thing called mail.

Have You Heard?

Have you seen the Postcrossing postage stamp? It's from the Netherlands! The Dutch Postage Service! Ooh, I want some! Now, do tell, who will design the American version? Werd? There are Easter Eggs hidden in the stamps. 


  1. The one show that all my Brit friends insisted that I watch whilst I was writing to them in the mid-90s. Back then, I didn't even know PBS ran BBC series...took until mid-2000s to discover that! Now I'm postively soo addicted to the BBC I sometimes have trouble shifting back to "our tv!" :) LOL

    I have become entrenched in quite a few Brit series though... Keeping Up Appearances, Rosemary & Thyme, the House of Elliott, Monarch of the Glen, BallyKissAngel or simply "BallyK", SHERLOCK (with Cumberbach), As Time Goes By, To the Manor Born, the Good Life/Good Neighbours,... to name a few.

    On our side of the ledger, so far NCIS has been a mainstay and I picked up an interest in Castle due to DWTS. And, Covert Affairs is a kicking show too!

    Harder hitting Brit Drama though is A Touch of Frost, Midsomer Murders, & Inspector Morse. I had to give them up. I made it through Series 2 of the last one, but eesh. Too much for me! :(

    In essence, despite not having 'mail' for these, you could say most people wouldn't suspect I watch soo much BBC!!! I only counter it with my passion for Turner Classic!


    PS: My note to you is now going to be a full letter! :) Cheers! If you take on BallyK be prepared for kleenex... I had to stop watching it last Autumn due to something that happens in Series 4... you really have to brace yourself. Its not a traditional comedy or drama, its really like a window into small towne life in Ireland that centers around the Priest(s) in residence at the local Catholic Church.

  2. Oh yes the Dutch Postcrossing stamp, I even only saw it on a picture !
    Good you posted about it, will try to order some online right now haha last time I got stamps in shop they didn't have them :(
    Did get some nice others and even got the christmas stamps

  3. LOL! "Too right!" A little slang I picked up from the show. I tell you, I am forced to come clean. I watched Keeping Up Appearances, Are You Being Served, Prime Suspect, with Jane Tennyson, A Touch of Frost, Inspector Morse, and a handful of others I can't recall names of. Last of the Summer Wine doesn't do it for me, nor some of the others. Coronation Street is just a name, but I heard it's a popular soap.

    I started watching late night PBS when I was in Dallas during the mid 90s. Insomnia made me a fan of Eastenders. That's a long time ago. :) I've tried watching Torchwood, but it's just not as believable as American SCI-FI fare. The same for Dr. Who.

    So, another secret is out. I love PBS. I support our local PBS station, and almost got the Eastender's tea/coffee mug. LOL. Another confession: Nothing makes me wince or cover my eyes, except bad acting. :) Gore doesn't bother me as much as it bores me.

    Oh! And I cried over Inspector Morse's last show. Had such a crush on him. :)

    Ah! Yes! Sherlock, too. I like. I miss Mollie Sugden. Hyacinth. Anslo. LOL! Such camp!

    Thanks for making me laugh and remember. Will have to check the latest PBS listings. Maybe I'll find something great to watch over the holiday.

    I like note, letters, grocery lists, obits . . . But I love good letters even better! Hope to hear from you soon. :)

    Ta! (he-he) I said ta! :)

  4. Okay, british shows...Vicar of Dibley, Are you Being Served?, Keeping Up Appearances, Ballykissangel, Father Ted, Blackadder (1,2,3, & Goes Forth), What Not To Wear, Changing Rooms, and Bedlam. I used to be a BBCA addict!

  5. Ah! Several that are new to me, I see. A BBC Addict? For real! Thanks for the list.

    Um, do you mean BBC America?

    How are you? Thanks for stopping by.

  6. As far as TV shows
    I love crime shows, Sci-Fi, costume drama's and am also addicted to British shows
    Vicar of Dibley, Are you Being Served?, Upstairs Downstairs, Keeping Up Appearances, Blackadder, Fry & Laurie, Inspector Morse, Lewis (yes he has his own show ;) ), Frost, Silent Whitness, (that new) Sherlock (on BBC), Merlin, Dr Who, Torchwood, Body Farm ...

  7. Goodness! I really must watch more of BBC America.

    And, sorry Melancholy Swan for being such a duh. ;) I should wear my glasses when I post. Or increase the fonts.

    I think I've caught an episode or three of Body Farm. Some of the others are Greek to me. I spend more time watching TCM. For the first time ever, I "got" the lure of Mae West. Off-topic! But what can I say? I appreciate an audience. No one listens to me here. :D

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Your into TCM too !?!?!

    That was the last thing I put on my comment!!

    LOL I'll have to tell you which actors/actresses that I am enjoying getting to know through all the wonderful offerings. This was the first Halloween I actually had plans so I missed the Old Hallow's feature! :( Sort of bummed I missed it, as I was kinda on a roll! 3 years strong!

    I'm about to start cooking my 2nd Thanksgiving...

    PS: I'll reply back to your comments in my letter! Promise it will fly soon!

  9. LOL! Just took a break from making dinner. No help. :( So what if it takes all day? :) And you're doing another feast. I should hush my mouth. :D

    I've always called TCM "TMC." It's that brain thing. Like I missed Melancholy Swan's BBCA. Information overload, maybe, 'cause I'm always trying to learn something. I say my eyes pick up on what's familiar and the rest is counted as superfluous. :) I am good at making up my own answers on the fly. Like telling my brother the white clotted strings in eggs are sperm. He was a kid when I told him. He learned the truth last year. :)

    Looking forward to comparing our lists. Mae West is the surprise of a decade for me. She actually wrote most of the scripts for her films. Mae was a Renaissance woman in a way.

    Sorry you broke your own record, but you can always start over. :)

    Looking forward to the letter. Excited is an understatement. Well, it's back to the galley, or this boat won't float on an empty stomach. Maybe I should do a Little Red Hen?

    Hope you enjoy your second dinner even more than the first. Happy Thanksgiving!