Monday, November 28, 2011

Something Old & Something New

What's older than timeless beauty? I bought this back in the late 80s, when I was in art school. I chose Egypt for my assignment. The assignment was to design a travel poster. Or maybe it was simply a poster.The postcard was meant to be reference material.

I want to say it turned out to be a fabulous creation, but truth is, it was pretty bad. I couldn't capture the likeness as well as I wanted, my pyramids were muddy, the type was awful, although the font I chose was just perfect. I was such a novice artist--in love with Egypt. 

I carried her with me though. We went from Colorado to Texas. We we migrated from Texas to South Carolina, and back. Beautiful Nefertiti. 

See the penciled words on the upper left? I wrote:

Getty Oil
1515 Arapahoe

At the very bottom left corner is printed: Painted limestone bust of Queen Nefertiti. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I've wracked my brain trying to remember why I printed Getty Oil and the address . . .  and the phone number. Hmmm. Ahh! It's all coming back to me now. I took an assignment there. As a temp. Artists need money if they don't want to starve. Wow. Digging around in the morgue of my mind, and my actual morgue, is a pleasant trip into the past. Makes me smile. 

So. Something old . . .

Here's something new. How appropriate that it's blue! The first Wizard of Oz entry. Blue skies, and wide open spaces. A Chimney Rock, Colorado. Remember Chimney Rock ala Stephen King? LOL. Is there a Chimney Rock near you?

Note to self: November giveaway ends Dec. 5! You have to enter to win. Another peek at one more goody? Why not? 

Umm . . . How about two strips of Oz stamps? Keep in mind there's more. Could be the best is yet to come? I dunno. I am not an Oz fan.

You must enter to win!


  1. My mom has that statue too! She got it at a yard sale. Believe it or not.

  2. I would be a fool not to enter this give-away, since I have a house full of Oz-related stuff, as a Judy Garland fanatic! Please, please?

  3. Bev, your postcard was in today's pickup. :) So, you're in like Flynn.
    I like your card! :D

    Elizabeth's arrived from MN. Great stamps. I love the hilarious card! Gonna show both cards tonight. Pig pen! That is so unique. LOL! There are 3 entries so far. I'm letting JC choose the winner this time. :D

    montigneyrules, I don't think I have ever seen an affordable copy of Nef's bust, but I almost envy your mom. :) Evny isn't good, otherwise I'd envy her full-out. LOL. That crown must have strained her neck something fierce.