Saturday, November 19, 2011

Neither snow nor rain nor . . .

. . . heat nor gloom of night stays this limner from the completion of answering her mail. So, yes, mail went out today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the day before the day before yesterday. And, yes, mail will go out tomorrow, which is actually today. 

I've been working on some mail goodness during my down time. It's nowhere near finished, but I need to know who more than likes The Wizard of Oz. This month's giveaway went awry, but if anyone's interested, a postcard with the word Toto written in red will get one lucky fan some goodness in return.  I can't include a photo, so you'll have to trust me on this one. It's b-i-g. It's huge. It's wicked.

Oh. BTW, those postcards you see were made for someone I can't stop thinking about. I made one for her; then I had to make one for my little pastry chef; and the more I printed, the more I wanted to share. But I won't. The third card is marked for my journal. The excerpts are from the book I'm reading, Blood, Bones & Butter, by Gabrielle Hamilton. 

What are you reading? Is there a quote or an excerpt you feel is worth passing on? If yes, will you make a postcard and share with me? I'm stoved up, but postcards I can handle. If you send me one, I'll send you one. I like quotes as much as I like books and letters. So, what do you say? If you do, I'll even send you a lovely piece of silly mail that you'll enjoy.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Cheer & warm beer!



  1. Limner ~
    I sent you a letter a couple of days ago, and this afternoon, I received a long,thoughtful letter from you in response to my letter of 21 Oct, I believe. You will be receiving the more recent letter soon. Do, please, wait to write. I want to get a response to your letter written. This will give you time to get caught up with other correspondence. I know you're overwhelmed. This particular comment need not be posted as I just wanted to let you know I received your letter, am thinking of and praying for you, and that I will be sending a reply as soon as I can. I'm still a little slow and sore but making some progress with healing from the accident. Take excellent care of yourself, my friend.

  2. Hi Limner!

    I'm inbetween getting ready for an impromptu Thanksgiving, (it was meant to be a Christmas dinner, lol) and having everything made in time by 4p! (less than 20 mins to go!) I quickly read this post over, and am game for exchanging a postie or for entering a giveaway. Do I just pop the postie in the Post? And, how do I enter for a Toto inspired card!? Like you, my mail has piled up on me and its going out quite delayed, but out it does go (this week!)!!

    I'll pop back after my Thanksgiving dinner, (tonight) and see if you gave me an extra clue! I might have simply read this too fast!

    Ciao! A reader in the Sunshine State!

  3. Hey. Simply send me a handmade postcard with a special excerpt or a quote from a special story or book, printed on the front. Include the name "Toto" anyplace on the card and you're good to go.

    Shall I post a peek of one prize? No. Probably not. It's not always easy keeping a secret, but then again, a photo might whet y'all's desire. :) The winner will be chosen Dec. 1, since I have to make room for the Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanaa, Winter Solstice, or whatever you call it, holiday giveaway. I don't think I have ever given away a bad bag of goodies. ;)

  4. Wait a minute! Anonymous, you mean to tell me you are having Thanksgiving dinner already? How is it possible? I am so wondering if I read you right? Am I loopy or what? LOL. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Please fill me in. :D

  5. Hi Limner,

    Yes. We actually cooked a bird (all 4.5 lbs of it) with all the fixings as my Mum invited our dear neighbour over for Christmas dinner (ie: next month!), except that she has short term memory issues as well as a bit of erratic senior issues... therefore she mistook our invite to mean Thanksgiving. Wait til you read the story... I'll include it with my handmade postie!!

    Our "real" vegetarian Thanksgiving is scheduled for Thursday!


    Sending you heaps of hugs (as I read your latest post before checking this one for more comments).

    Its a two for one holiday this year! Laughs. Sometimes life likes to continue to throw you curve balls that were not foreshadowed to be incoming! :O

    PS: I'm about pumpkin pied out right now, but the sweet potato pie is still tasty!

    Favourite sides so far: red wine braised brussel sprouts + rosemary & sage sourdough stuffing.