Sunday, November 27, 2011

How Do I Write Thee?

Let me count the ways . . . Notecard, postcards, greetings and letters. Is there any other way to communicate better? I think not. (Spoken like Sheldon does when he is offended. Which is often. Um. Sheldon. You know. From The Big Bang Theory. Oh, come now. You don't watch? Then no mail for you!) But anyway . . .

Oops, too, for the rubber band and tell-tale paper cement. Where's an adhesive picker upper when you need one. Sorry intended recipient. Sometimes I am too task-oriented. It's still one of my favorites.

Heavenly shades of light were falling when I shot this. It's twilight time. Oh, how I learned to like that song. Low light and shadows do create a lovely mood, don't you think? Write while there's light. Then admire without glare. Oh, yeah!

17 notes, cards, postcards, and letters!
There are 36 left in my Backlog Shoebox.
I have 5 in my bag.
7 or 8 on my desk.
But, who's counting?
You are! Of course.
And so am I.
Just wanted to keep you up to date.

A bird's eye view.
From me to you.
There's plenty more
Where these came from
Written with a pen
Twixt my fingers and thumb.

Write on!

Did you? Write on, I mean. If yes, then to whom? How many? How often? And what did you do in between? Okay, oh well, don't tell!


  1. I haven't written any letters or cards in at least a week!

  2. And the world didn't end???? Surely you jest. :( I feel like Chicken Little. :) Ooh, wee, man. Sure hope you don't get behind. ;) I am still paddling with one oar. You young folk make it seem so easy. And I just played the age card. LOL! Why doesn't the phone lady come to my aid?

  3. I just love Sheldon ;)

    I haven't written either last few weeks (and indeed the world is still spinning) I should be making Christmas/new years cards so I can send those out and include them in the (little bit of) mail I have to send ;)

  4. Raj is my favorite, but I love Sheldon, too. :)

  5. I am attempting to get all my letters out by or before 9th of December so that each of my friends will (hopefully) receive news from me by Christmas! I was happy to see I had so long to get them airbourne too! Wow. I remember the holiday deadline seeming to be closer to the first weekend rather than the second in years past! I must confess I'm on a bit of a roll!? Ohh! I had this wicked thought about how I could do something with my letter to you... except that it requires me to cook up some brussel sprouts first! That's a cheeky hint as I know you sometimes like "hints" or "clues" about incoming mail, but I doubt you'll be able to sort the surprise! LOL Therefore, hang tight, my mail is still in progress for you!

    Liking the envelopes in these pictures! I always try to dress mine up as well! I go between stamps & collages, sometimes a combination of the two!


    PS: As shameful as this might sound, I cannot get into Big Bang Theory!? Which is odd. Isn't it about science geeks!? And, I love science?

  6. One last thought: you can blame the piggy! The Pen Thief and you inspired the cleverness of my letter to be enclosed in something rather unique!

  7. Henderica, all it takes is a week off and it's down the rabbit hole. :) I started my Christmas, Hanukkah, and Lord, have mercy! I almost said Eid. My, my, my. Winter Solstice, maybe? I bought gifts for the holidays after PT. Only problem is, it's not easy holding on a few days. I know if I send them now, when there aren't long lines, the recipients might not wait. LOL.

    I often stash bags in the back of the closets and don't remember them until spring or summer. Erin has gotten winter scarves in summer. So, maybe I'll stick to making cards this week. December isn't that far off. :)

    LOL, Medical Librarian, Raj is a lost cause. But he does seem to fall into luck once in a blue moon. The actor who plays Sheldon is from Houston. I would love to have lunch with him. I'd even drink a margarita. Forget the hives. :) I just like him so much.

    Anonymous, that sounds like a plan. I will work on getting my long distance gifts mailed the first week in Dec. That way, no rush, no fuss. And . . . brussels sprouts? Gagging! Oops! Sorry. I cook them and you can't even tell. I bought JC some roasted sprouts from WFM, and we almost split up. They stank to high heaven. I thought an abattoir had set up business next door. Please, please, please, will I have to buy a HAZMAT suit to open your letter? LOL! Read then burn in the fireplace. Or the BBQ? :)

    Now I'm too curious for comfort. I can see me wearing a plastic bag over my head just to open the mail box. (Biting what's left of my nails.)

    Aha! Just wait until you see today's post! I swanee, I have a fairy godchild! For now, am going to take my ice pack, today's mail and crawl into bed until the pack turns to mush or water.

    Glad you like the envelopes. I girls has to try, don'tcha know? :)

    What's so hard to like? TBBT is too funny, and I'm not even in the show's target audience. Wait. Does that mean I'm developmentally arrested? :)

  8. LOL. Misty is inspiration itself. Now I'm doubly curious. I'm using up brain cells wondering and pondering while thoughts go thundering and sundering and . . . This is gonna hurt! :D

  9. LOL -- seriously!? About sprouts?! If you used a recipe of mine or my Mum's you'd be plumb shocked that they were the same sprouts you detest! Ours come out soft, succulant, and oft times a bit gourmet! Like when I braised them in merlot wine for Thanksgiving Part One! :) My best friend is picky about what she eats, but says that if my Mum makes it, she'll eat it!! Even if she won't eat it anywhere else! Laughs. My Mum is a bit of a kitchen fairy, where everything comes out rather magical & delish!

    However, that said, we buy all our produce at the farmer's market, so its from earth to table. I wouldn't give anyone a penny for that stuff they pan off on us at the green grocers! :( Ack. Before we had a farmer's market I'd hate to even think about the stuff I used to eat! :(

    That aside,... the two are not ACTUALLY connected but it takes the sprouts to disconnect what I need in order to finish your letter! Laughs. You'll never sort it out! I could give you the final hint (it involves another veggie!) but you'd get it for sure then!

    No gagging at the postbox,...
    No weird clothes to open the box,..
    Just a happy smile or a smirk will be what you sport!