Thursday, November 3, 2011

FYI, Maybe?

Do you ever feel older than black pepper? Do you hate playing "Remember When?" Can you remember mail without zip codes? Do you know when we first started using zip codes? If you answer yes to any of my questions, please don't feel bad.

Made you laugh, huh? It's cute, but I'm willing to bet it made someone cringe. I might be one of those who laughed before memory made me hush my mouth. Snail mail has a whole new meaning today. So, yes, I vaguely recall our world getting a good shake-up when "they" introduced the zip code. 

Who has a zip code memory? I do, but I'll let you go first. In the meantime, I'ma write a quick letter to the PMG. Bet he's too young to remember the good ole days of blank space after the spelled-out name of a state. It can't hurt to ask. Right?


  1. They introduced the zip code over here in The Netherlands in 1977, and I'm born in 1976 so I did grow up with it ;)
    I do recall the stories that you used get away with directions to where a person lived or just the last name & town, if it wasn't a big place ;) but since it all goes trough machines it's also cool to know you can only have to put zip code & number on it for it can get to the place
    you want, the (bar)codes the system adds usually only has this information also

    And I have a tube with knitting needles that used to be my grandmothers and I think that has an address label without a zip code I think.... should look it up

  2. Thanks for commenting. Suddenly I feel younger. :) Did you get the flood of propaganda from Mr. Zippy, too? He did his job and retired.

    I learned just yesterday what those bar codes meant. What a lot of bother for something so simple.

    Will you take a photo and share with us? I think I have something of my grandmother's, too. It's an old letter regarding my grandfather's pension.

    And, where have you been hiding, miss madame? You were off on holiday or enjoying your nephew? :)

  3. Ah glad I made you feel younger :)

    When I find the tube I will post a picture, was looking for it this morning but it'd not where I thought it was ;)
    So stupid I was up at 5 in the morning! did manage to dry some clothes, watch some TV and prepare dinner (a chicken, potato, broccoli & cheese sauce casserole) so I only need to warm that up tonight

    Been so busy and tired lately so that is why I haven't been posting much. Do peek & comment on blogs from time to time.
    Yesterday I visited my sister so had some time with my nephew :) he's 3 months now and a cute little man

  4. I definitely remember when zip codes began. My father worked for the post office and ranted about it, saying it was useless and would never last.

  5. I'm a youngin' so I don't remember the zip code intro, but I do remember when phone numbers changed to include the 3-digit area codes. It's amazing that it was taken on as a status symbol - some people even got tattoos! Like if you were from the 323 (Hollywood), 303 (Denver), etc. etc. I wonder why that occurred with area codes and not zip codes?!

  6. Hey, Bev. Thanks for making me feel less dated. :) LOL. Your dad sounds like every adult who came by my grand on Sundays after church, and felt obligated to expound on the foolishness of the post office, and their cockamamie idea. Bet they never saw 4 additional numbers coming.

    Hey, Leah_M. Now that's something I never heard of. So the
    Beverly Hills 90210 wasn't just a clever new idea? I get it, but people move so much, I imagine I'd be zipped up if I'd gone that route. LOL. Weak pun, but still a fun pun. :)

    To answer your question with a question, could it be the longer zips look more like prison id numbers? LOL. Just guessing. But they remind me too much of the Holocaust tats. :( Good question though.