Friday, November 4, 2011

Closed For The Weekend

Due to 
Mental Health
(Gone Fishing with Opie & Andy
for 7 Days!)
Sincerely sincere,


This goes into effect midnight tonight, Texas Standard Time. I made the decision to take a holiday after "losing" a wonderful piece of mail I received from Carter the Great, on Halloween Day. He wrote his name in red crayon and sent it with Bee Bear. Losing it breaks my heart. It means I'm not on top of things here. It means I need to take a little time to regroup.
It's still missing these four days later. Either Feist took it, along with the Bee Bear, or I misplaced it in one of my Saving Places. I found Bee under the bed. Either way, I realize I need to go fishing for a while. I have a small window of opportunity before cold weather freezes me out. So, it's now or never.
I won't post any mail for seven days. I won't write any posts for "Oh, Write Me!" Instead, I'm going to meet Opie and Andy down by the old fishing hole; I will cast for what ever bites; and I will swap lies stories with the guys until my spitter goes dry. Sure hope Barney, and Otis stop by, along with Ernest Tubb, but I am crossing my toes for good luck--meaning Aunt B will bring some of her good cooking, and Mason jars that never go dry, filled with iced tea. Wonder if Floyd will give me a hair cut. Oh. On second thought, maybe he'll be in search of a little down time too. Being a barber is a job, so I won't even ask.
So, until then . . . See you after some much needed R&R!
Sincerely sincere,
P.S. I made a new friend today while out shopping for new mail goodness. Her name is Jessica. So if she stops by your blogs, say hey. I know you'll make her welcome.
I'll have much to write to you about after my mini vacation. Be well, and write on.


  1. Enjoy your time away! But... I hate to tell you Andy and Opie belong in North Carolina with me...:) Hope you come back with lots of lies...uh I mean stories to tell! Hugs Elle

  2. LOL! That's why I'm sneaking off that way. I used to live in SC. Holidayed in Saluda. Have friends in both Carolinas.

    Sincere hugs to you.


    P.S. Wow. Midnight isn't very far off. Haven't even packed my bags. ;) Thanks for stopping by, dear elle.

  3. You bring a line and I'll bring a pole...We'll meet down yonder at the crawdad hole.