Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Saturday Evening Post

November 12, 2011


I just popped in to dust a bit, vacuum some, and air the place out a little. I couldn't resist staying long enough to say hey, and ask how it's going. Oh. And, I needed to confess having written 16 notes, letters, and postcards when I was meant to be miles away from anything mail-related.

So, how's it going? I'm good. Could be better, so I'm taking another week away from posting. I have 71 letters, notes, and postcards to answer. Last night I finally got to answer a lovely letter dated July 1. I wrote a five-page response. I owe two more.  

This is a photo box filled with 71 pieces of patience. I'm answering from back to front, with patience, determination, sincerity, and joy. 

See you next Saturday!

Be well.

Sincerely sincere,



  1. Glad you are back :D
    oh wow 71 one pieces of mail, it does look pretty :)

  2. Enjoy the extra time! (Though I don't suppose it can really be considered extra since you've still be writing.)

  3. Limner dear, Don't worry about answering the letters in you stack from me. I have received your lovely card with the armadillo stamp and note. I enjoyed it very much and I am contented with that as your answer to my letters. I will be leaving for Costa Rica in 2 weeks and my mail will be held at the Post office. I hope all is well and that you are enjoying your time away from posting on your blog. I will look forward to getting in touch with you when we return from C.R. in January. If you think about it drop in at my blog and leave a howdy comment. I will still be posting to the blog while we are away. I will also be writing letters but with the state of the Costa Rican postal system I will probably beat my letters home! Take care. I will miss you!

  4. I have missed you Limner...sending you a big hug!!

  5. Henderica, so far I have answered maybe 11 of those. The numbers sit on my chest like an elephant with weak ankles. :) The pretty is part of what compels me to reply, no matter what. Everyone puts so much effort, time and creativity in their mail, so how can I not love it? How are you? How's your nephew?

  6. Motherkitty, how are you? I am pained to hear of the accident. Hope you weren't seriously injured. Please, take care. Don't write until you are able.

    Thinking of you.

  7. Elle, you are wonderful. Thanks--for so much. I am going to write before you leave. Wish I could stowaway for real. I wish you an even better trip than I can imagine. :)

    I'm trying to answer letters slowly, but we're trying to find a solution to not bending my neck. Braces are a pain, but not writing and not obeying the therapist are just as painful. I know, I said I wasn't gonna whine, but this stinks. Hope to find a way to elevate my MacBook to eye level. I am determined to send you a proper "see-you-later" letter, or something. You have enriched my life so much, in a relatively short time.

    See you in the mail! Until then, have fun packing.

  8. Patty-Patty-Patty! You have no idea how much I miss you. Patty Mail has been such a large part of my days. I feel like I'm going through detox. Or rehab. That's it! Rehab. Mail Addiction Rehab.

    Did you know the human head is so heavy that we need to strengthen our neck muscles to accommodate it? And especially so as we age. Injure your neck, coddle it, and it affects your entire body. But, I'm willing to bet you already know this. I know Misty has to, 'cause every artist takes anatomy, right?

    We're looking for an adjustable bedside table that will allow me to type, write, and whatever without bending my neck. Do you drive hunched over? Lord, I do, lately. I don't want a hump . . . Sorry. I'll save this for a letter. It's amusing when I think of it. I have to stand in front of the mirror in PT. It's across the room, so I don't wear my glasses, 'cause I don't want to see the me that's reflected. LOL.

    I am faithful to therapy though. Except now. Gotta go. I've been typing when I'm not supposed to. Don't tell.