Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who knew the true value of a stamp?

Hello, Saturday! Was reading The Sun in bed last night; came across a nice letter from a reader who also wrote. The words stood out like an orange jail jump suit in a sea of blue serge suits. I knew I had to share it, so here's a quickie:

I doubt the powers that be will be impressed with just how vital postage is on the inside. Chances are they would point out how the stamps are being used in an unintended manner, i.e., illegally, by people who are behind bars for having broken some law. Or, they might tally the stamps that were purchased for inmates by outmates, and have mercy. The prison/jail population writes and gets mail. That means mail out--mail in. Money is money, right? What say ye, fellow stamp users?


  1. Who cares how people are getting stamps as long as they are using them and they are circulating . Yes Money is money .