Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today's a New Day

I hear that song every time I turn on the car radio. Kirk Franklin reminds me that today's a new day. He sings, "Everything's better when you ho-ho-ho!" Yep, there are times when I laugh 'til I cry. But not today. While waiting at a stop light, I opened my mouth as wide as my lower jaw would allow, and I exhaled. I felt the sun on my tongue, so I inhaled real deep and swallowed as much as I could. I did it three times before the light changed. Now I am home, and as drowsy as if it's bedtime.

The weepy-choking-back-sobs feeling has lessened, but is still here, so I called the two most important doctors in my life at the moment: My PC, and Endocrinologist. If it's PMS, I'm gonna go eat the chocolate ice cream I want so much I can see it. Last time I felt this way was because of super low thyroid levels. The gland was removed in March. That makes me feel better intellectually, but physically, things are pretty much on hold until Monday. Thanks for bearing with me. It's not my fault. I promise. :) I take my Vitamin D capsules. I don't have to use my faux sunlight lamp yet, so . . . Labs on Monday will probably come back with results pointing toward another increase in my Synthroid dose. Whew!

Moving right along . . .

I forgot to take photos of Tuesday's Out Mail, but here's Wednesday's.

I also forgot today's, but I left the postoffice walking on air. I had mail! It doesn't matter how far behind you might be, getting mail is like holding your baby for the first time after 36 hours of labor. 

Yeah! I'm not the only one who uses the leftover sticky bits from panes. Don't you just abhor waste? CB's costume is way cute. Thanks for the precious note Emilie, and the goodies! I like me some Charlie Brown & Friends. Lucy isn't the only one who gives advice, although hers is more direct, and loud 'n clear; Linus' advice is way deep. :)

All in all, this has been a better day. Less weep and more peeps of joy. Everyone, take a bow!

Love & hugs,



  1. Yay you got it! By the way, I found out on some other mail blog that the leftover stuff around the stamps is called selvage. I love that it has a name!

  2. :D I knew that! Not sure how I forget more than I learn. Thanks for reschooling me, and thanks again for the right-on-time mail.

    Now I wonder why fabric has selvages, too. Hmm. Am willing to bet selvage means . . . Aha!

    selvage: an edge produced on woven fabric during manufacture that prevents it from unraveling.

    • Geology a zone of altered rock, esp. volcanic glass, at the edge of a rock mass.

    I appreciate the FYI.

  3. It's not too early to turn the light box on ... I've been in front of it for 2 weeks now. A letter to you is on my mental list of things to do in front of that box. What a joy to have quiet time that's useful and helpful at the same time.