Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Saturday Evening Post

Today was meant to be low-key. A pinch nerve wanted to make sure I coddled and gave it most of my attention, but what's a woman to do when she's home alone--blissfully-for a half day and needs her refilled prescription. I got in the car and drove. Took the back way through Rain Tree; that's what I did. There's less traffic, and I know the route by heart.

The post office is on the route, so naturally, I stopped to check for mail, and glory to goodness . . . I had mail. Oh, just wait 'til you see. This Saturday evening post is about unexpected goodness. I cannot walk through Sam's Club without checking out the books. Am drawn like a moth to a flame. You just saw one of three that I brought home.

I wish I could buy a copy for anyone who would enjoy it as much as I think I will. Thumbing through, I saw mention of stamps. You know I was hooked: book, ribbon, and gilt. Remember when books you loved had gilt edges, and not just the Bible? Especially the classics? Mmm. Those were good reads.

But anyhow, I'd like to do Saturday Evening Posts each week. I'll feature excerpts from letters I think are interesting. Hope you'll stop by, sit a spell, then tell me how I'm doing.

Thanks for your time.

Sincerely sincere,



  1. Omg how did you know Im a civil war buff ? My uncle used to do the re enactments before he got too old to do them . He enjoyed them so much and he started my love of the interesting pieces of the civil war .

  2. Ohhh ... someone gave me Leaves of Gold a long time ago. I don't know whatever happened to that book but it was gilded. I loved that book!

  3. Wonder why my comments aren't posting?

  4. A messages says "Redirecting" and there's a pause while it does it, then the Oz does or fails to do his things. Anyone else have the same problem?

    I'm having to go back and reply to comments that disappeared.