Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Saturday Evening Post About The Saturday Evening Post

This is totally not about mail. Okay, maybe it is. To see if it is, then please do read on. Two days ago I picked up a copy of The Saturday Evening Post out of nostalgia for my favorite illustrator. Hmm, it was more like a reward for going to the doctor. No lollipops after, so I treated myself to something just as sweet. You see, I fell in love with Norman Rockwell when I was a kid. I grew up wanting to paint like him more than the masters. The magazine is the sweetest treat I could think of and afford. A breast lift was out of the question, and way outside the budget.

Now, what was I saying? Oh! Okay. See how easy it is to forget? That's what Post-It pointers are for. I marked this page to share, then forgot until I began my Saturday evening post.  Mr. Rockwell wrote a letter to George Lorimer. Now, if you want to know the backstory, won't you buy their Special Collector's Edition? It's "BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND." I promise you it's a page-turner.

Can you imagine creating such a special letterhead for someone you worked for, or liked, or admired? Would you? Could you? I certainly want to try someday soon. So, my Saturday evening post is about The Saturday Evening Post, featuring a Norman Rockwell letterIt pretty much speaks for itself, so here goes:

Enlarge the image to see who he thanked. Then tell me it's not better than a thank-you note. Artists do it with such style and color, don't you agree?

P.S. There's a ready-to-frame print included. Mat it, frame it, hang it, and please, send me a photograph. You show me your and I'll show you mine. 'Til then . . . Rock on! Rock well? Oh, just write on!

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