Monday, October 31, 2011

No Words Required

I know that I talk a lot. On here. Not in person, though, unless I know you. Okay, let me edit a little. Here goes: I've been a woman of few words for most of my life. Now I tend to talk a lot, probably to make up for lost time. Once, when I was pre pre-school, I stopped talking all together. Before that though, I would stutter. Can you imagine being so frightened you couldn't speak. If you can, then try to imagine being teased so bad by your uncle, that you just stopped talking.

Okay, so here I am. I am wondering, "What can I say?" Any suggestions? I still stutter once in a blue moon--when I am super-duper excited. And sometimes I don't talk for days that add up to a few, especially if I am home alone. It's fun. Try it some time. Don't go over seven or fourteen days, cause then your throat gets all raspy. 

Aha! Wolfey said the right words will do. So I have them. I say, Dear elle, thank you! I like your name in all lower case fonts. It's cool. And, thanks again. I know for a fact now, that I am special this once. At this moment. I mean, how cool is it to have a talented artist make stamps just for you. I stripped myself of my humble attire this once, 'cause I feel like the Queen of Katy, Texas. Renee Zelweiger, eat your heart out. (Did I spell her name right?) She was once Katy's Rice Queen. I think. She lived in Katy. Oh, my. I am name-dropping. Clint Black-Clint Black-Clint Black! Now. Got it outta my system.

Love you elle!!!


  1. Just lovely! The perfect gift, and, yes, you are worthy.

  2. Them thar's some awesome, splendiferous artistamps! They are absolutely gorgeous. How nice of her to make them for you (& I'm sure you deserved them for sending her great mail!). (^o^)

  3. Oh Limner!! Love your stamps! They're the bee's knees!!! (sorry, couldn't resist) Elle, you are an amazing artist and so generous. Yes indeed, you and Limner are like two peas in a pod with your giving to others. Thanks to both of you for sharing these adorable stamps with us.

  4. Oh wow !
    That is so sweet of Elle :)

    Mmh next to Renée Zellweger you also have Renée O'Connor (Gabrielle of Xena) born in Katy ;)

  5. How beautiful!!! Elle is soooo very talented!! And you are very deserving. =)

  6. I am so very happy that you liked the stamps! I hope you have fun with them! I had to chuckle at StoneZebra's "bee"s knees" know why :)You have been very kind and generous to me and I am sure others in the postal realms and beyond, this was just a token of my gratitude for all you do! Love you too Limner!

  7. Elle has mega talent. Thank you, Medical Librarian.

    Jan-a, such deserved props from you to elle. And, my thanks for your comments.

    StoneZebra, the bee's knees is so appropriate! LOL. Wait until you see the rest of the gift. Yes, there's more. I try to hold on to something for private pleasure, but I'll share soon. Am working on something. Hope to finish before I go fishing. ;) Thanks for your nice comments. Wish I could share with all of you, but I'm a bit selfish. I don't want to use all my stamps any time soon.

    Stuff, for real, huh? :) Thanks for commenting.

    Mrs. Duffy, you said a mouthful. Wow, indeed. :) Thanks.

    Sweet indeed, Henderica. :) All the time she invested . . . The art!

    And, yes, I forgot all about Xena's sidekick. Haven't seen her, since the show folded, but I liked Gabrielle. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your remarks.

    Pen Thief, hey, you! You and elle both have amazing talent. You inspire me to take up my tools again. Y'all are mail art stars. I am much obliged for your kind comments.

    elle, you're so spécial. I hope the words I need to speak my gratitude will come to me before I leave this realm of letters and art. Thank you, ten-fold. See? People recognize talent when they see it.