Sunday, October 16, 2011

Little Pleasures Make Great Treasure

Hmm. Should it be the reverse? Treasure is treasure because it gives you pleasure. Right? Either way, I like this card. It's hard not to like a Halloween card. Okay, I don't care for ad cards. But, I especially like a card that's handmade, and is so much better than my own that I go over it with my best magnifier. I like one that will last, and this one will keep forever. Mine won't.

Why? Cause I have a weakness for acid free paper cement, and acid free bookbinder's glue. I'm too impatient for the first. Cannot always find one of the three rubber cement pick-ups I have. Am messy with the glue.

This card is made with thick cardboard. I have a superb paper trimmer, but my shoulder/arm/wrist couldn't take the pressure required to cut the stuff Angela used. And the pumpkins are just cute. The alphabet makes me wish I could write like that for real.

Thanks, Angela.


Um . . . Who has the tube?
Where's the tube?

I sent it with a request for your signature as proof of receipt. Here's hoping it's making its rounds.  Once it makes it back home, here in Katy, it's heading someplace special. So, please, add your signature to the mailing tube. We are sending a message to "THEM."

There are 12 large address labels. The mailing tube is meant to be reused. Ask your postal clerk to help with limited space by hand-cancelling. Your thrift is appreciated.



  1. I wanted to thank you for the lovely tube filled with awesome goodies...where do you find the time? Everything was so beautiful and the stationery was so cool! I have been working on a thank you project, (which is why it has taken me so long to write you back),and now that I am finished it should be in the mail the first of the week. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and all the effort you put into your gift! Big hugs from North Carolina! Elle

  2. Elle, bless your heart, you are more than welcome. It was a pleasure putting it together. Hope you can use the contents.

    I've been yearning after the Incher Tube. No one has announced its arrival. I know the name of the person I sent it to. No idea if they're still working on it or if it's at the half-way mark, or . . . Goodness and mercy! That's my baby I'm fretting over. :( Please, will someone tell me where she is? Or must I go GPS on you? :)

  3. Um . . . Elle? That's yours, to do with as you choose, WHEN you choose. :) I know you'll come up with great ways to use the goodness inside.


  4. I hope your tube shows up again. Perhaps the person you sent it to has been so busy creating they haven't had a chance to let you know that it arrived?

  5. Little Pen Thief, oh, I do hope you are right, in your wisdom. I'm trying not to fret, but perhaps I should have asked for help in tracking it?

    THEY are going to feel the power of those who love to write letters.:) And mail art will get the respect and acknowledgment it deserves.

    Was looking up the address for the postmaster general. Thought I'd check out the job description while at it. Did you know this: The Postmaster General is second-highest paid U.S. government official, based on publicly available salary information, after the President of the United States.[3]

    Check out the job description of the PMG. Hmm.