Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Limnerween Winner Is


JC picked the winning postcard last night. Congratulations. I had fun packing the pumpkin. 

You get to choose how it's delivered: US Mail or UPS? Just let me know.

Thanks for all the Halloween cards. I had fun, and I'll keep them for a limner's forever.

Mail In

How pretty. See the little heart? Wish I felt half as self-assured.

This is the card that was inside. It's from Motherkitty. She sends some of the loveliest, daintiest, sweetest cards. Makes me want to be a total lady when I get one. Thank you, MK.

elle, you're swell!
talented, brimming with energy
artistic, energetic, wise . . .
Your letter . . .  I'll tell you about it. In a letter. I appreciate every word. 

Thank you.

Wish I could share more, but there's no one to scan for me right now. There's always tomorrow. Hope you had a great hump day.

P.S. More Halloween goodness going out before the Great Pumpkin travels across the sky!

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