Saturday, October 8, 2011

Laying in Supplies

I've come to like Sharpies. Today I discovered they came in colors. They just happen to match this colorful new wrapping paper. Today was my lucky day. 

They make my doodling and drawings look better than they actually are. They make my Es open up. My lower case Es have a tendency to collapse inward. Gotta fix that. * I bought new large envelopes, too. I'll use less tape with these--they're water-proof as well.

I like this composition. Neat and orderly. Probably 'cause the pens are still in the shell. I don't care much for plastics.

Just think . . . In less than an hour I'll use one of these to write to one of you. I've already used the blue to write to someone you might call Sue. No, not a boy.

Post-Its that will begin with "Doggone it," And other dog related things. 

Tape made in the USA.
You can never have too much tape or too much money.

And werds:


 Werds to write, and werds to live by. Plenty of werds. May we never run out of werds. Or punctuation. And numbers. Ends of summers. A lack of mail turns a day into a bummer. So, write on.


When I Am Gone

When I am gone what will you do?
Who will write and draw for you?
Someone smarter--someone new?
Someone better--maybe YOU!

shel silverstein

I am missing two of my favorite people
And it makes me sad
The bold Grim Reaper has made me mad
I think he stinks 
'Cause he's so bad.


Oh! I almost forgot. I bought this too.
I know what it is
Do you?


Mail In

Interesting envie, Misty. I like the colors, the angle, the mail. Thank you. 

A grand postcard from Riga. This is one I'd like to mat, frame, and hang. Thanks, dear, thoughtful sender.

Wolfey, wish you knew how much I like this, 'cause of course I don't have the words. It reminds me of a favorite artist who was too cool at 75. Thank you.

Between thee and me
lies a sea. At least. 
I look at this and see
the desert.
Thanks for feeding my imagination.

Thanks, h i j K! I like, I like, I like!
Trader Joe's, huh?
That's good to know.

Some stamps just make me drool. 
Great letters are cool.
Reply to follow.
Thanks for taking the time to write.

The masculine and the feminine reflected in the architecture of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. I like the colors. I like the sender. Thank you, lovely Ms Misty. It's Card 1.

What can I say? 
The penmanship alone made my day.
Wolfey! This place is still on my list.
No, not the Bucket List.
The Must See List. 
Letters like this 
make me believe.
Thank you, dear writer from across
the great Pond.

Secret: I still want to do a walking tour "over there."
In the words of Otis Redding: 

I've got dreams
to remember.


Write on.
And make real.


  1. I was not aware that the sharpie pens came in other colors!! I will definitely be adding them to my arsenal. =)

  2. Yes! I think they are new. I wasted a small fortune on Martha Stewart's colored felt tips. Half of them never gave up a drop of ink. I grew tired of my technical pens always clogging, so tried the Sharpies and ended up using them exclusively when a fountain pen isn't handy.

    Sharpie's colors are true, too. :)

  3. Would the mystery object be a potato masher? It looks as if it could be. I have ones that look similar.

    Oh...and Sharpie pens are really cool. The Fine tipped ones. I don't much care for the Medium nibs, but I have some anyway.

  4. Misty, I hope they slowly add more. The inks are delicious. So far, no bleeding. I used the purple one to write a note/letter last night. P is for purple. Purple is for someone whose name starts with the color purple. :)

    Patty, you know everything, except how to play Angry Birds. Do you play Chicktionary? It's addictive. :) I bought a masher for smashed potatoes. I get tired of searching for the different beaters that match different mixers. Call me lazy. This one made more sense, but I think it should have holes.

    Anyway . . . I might try the medium nibs for filling in larger spaces. The new large ones claim not to bleed, and so far, so good. I am so used to the technical pens that I limited myself, so I've been exploring.