Monday, October 10, 2011

It Takes a Big Tote to Tote Mail

This is what 26 pieces of Limner Mail look like.

It takes 2 boxes, 3 packages, and 21 letters + postcards

to fill up a Whole Foods Mkt. bag.

It all goes out tomorrow.
Goodnight, again.


  1. Oh limner monday is a mail holiday . You will have to mail Tuesday. That is a lot of mail.

  2. Too bad today is a holiday. =( But it looks like you have kept yourself busy. Which is what I will be doing because the library is closed too.

  3. That bag of mail is most impressive & I'm sure will make a lot of people very happy.

  4. Wish I had read this earlier. Could have saved myself a trip, but the kiosks handled things for me. And I used the Postal+ Store. They cost more for convenience; the USPS truck picks up the mail for them, but it's better than nothing at times. :) I should have taken all the stamped letters and packages to the post office, but wasn't thinking. Everything will arrive a day late, but it's okay.

    Yay! You get a day off. Hope your weather is as gorgeous as ours. I basked. The temp is perfect, balanced by just the right amount of heat from the sun. Made me stay out later than planned. Now I have to think of tonight's menu when I just want to soak up the last of the rays. (sighing) Enjoy whatever you do!

  5. JannaB, hey, and I hope you are right. I still have a backlog that's more like a log jam, because things are so unorganized now, but I'll get it done in time. I am working on my Halloween cards, too. Just hope they don't creep anyone out. :) Would you like one, too? Warning: It is not for the faint hearted.

    P.S. Thanks for the great advice YKW. I'm eating this elephant one bite at a time. Okay, so I'm feeding it to the monster under my bed, one bite at a time. ;)

  6. Our weather has been beautiful!! Tomorrow will be our last nice day though. And lucky me, I was not scheduled for I will be hiking! I will try to post pictures of the lovely colors on our trees to the blog tomorrow.

    Glad you are having nice weather AND that you got everything mailed out!

  7. Why aren't all comments posting? Anyone else have this problem???

  8. Pardon the grammar and grouchiness. Just woke. :) That sun was awesome. I sat outside until I almost fell asleep, made dinner, came up and slept like a babe with a full tum of Mommy's milk.

    Okay, the first part are replies to Henderica and phone lady. :) I forgot three letters: one in the bottom of the bag, The envie is long and white and disappeared against the white inner material, one was on the tele stand, the last one was on the scanner. They'll go out tomorrow.

    Misty, I've been in blog la-la land. I read, read, read, and forget to comment. You posts get two thumbs up here! You are on a roll, girl. The how-to is excellent. Am going to try something similar soon. Nothing as spectacular, and with a little cheating, I hope to pull it off. ;)

    elle inspired me to buy gouache and paint again. So what if I haven't mastered watercolor. I didn't have to give up the mediums I excelled in. Being a perfectionist can be crippling. Oops! Will save all this for a letter. :)

    Looking forward to "going with" on your hike. You and Susan are the best for letting me "tag" along. I'll tell you about the bridges in a letter or on your blog. Maybe a letter is better, 'cause I am long winded. :D I know you will have fun.

    Misty, the light washed everything in a light yellow wash. I think everyone loved it. There was no road rage; everyone at the post office was polite and helped inexperienced users at the kiosk, the lines were chatty, people who were disappointed 'cause they didn't know the PO was closed, grinned and bore it with grace and a chuckle. What a day! :) Thanks.

  9. These are great collection of letters! This might cause you a lot of writing.