Monday, October 3, 2011

I Heart Bedrest 'n Limnerween

(Thank you, VAGirl)

Dear friends, I have good news, and I have good news. Which one do you want first? Can't make up your mind? I'll do it for you.

Moanday Mail Day didn't happen. I couldn't do it. Still cannot fully use my arm without making a mess after the whiplash incident. I have been reduced to printing, as some of you will see soon enough, and let me tell you now, it is not pretty. However, extra goodies have been added to the pumpkin. See? Good things do come to those who wait.

Oh, things were looking good. There is Halloween fun stuff; things that glow and wiggle and jiggle and tickle; things for writing and measuring and treasuring . . . Still, there was something missing. Scratching my head, biting my nails, wondering, "Oh, what the hell-o?" I got it! 

There was nothing good to eat! There were tricks, but no treats! Remedy that! I did. 

Reeses cups and a cup to gulp 
your favorite brew!
Jelly beans that are a scream!
Gummy Ranchers that will make you prance for . . . 
Mmm, oh yum! I bought M&Ms! 
Say hey to the wolf man.
Aren't you glad that you ain't him?

(Limner retains exclusive creative wrong for this here bad grammar.)

Now for the good news:

A day's delay means more entries made it under the wire. I won't include names here, but you know who you are. The more the merrier. So, mail goes out on Wednesday. 

Mail In:

Again, VaGirl, this sent me over the moon. Had I known, I'd have bought My First Monster. Boris and Bela gave me my first nightmares. Thank you, for another memorable postcard. 

Dear Anna, thank you! A replacement card. Too thoughtful and generous. This is as lovely as the first. I'd wear that necklace so fast; never mind a damaged neck. I'd feel like Wilma Flintstone or Mrs. Gotrocks. That's just beautiful. NZ sure has lovely stones. Hope you can answer my query about . . . You'll see. :) 

I like to think I'm a generous person, but I draw the line when it comes to being generous with ignorance. As in "Every time she opens her mouth she gives away her ignorance." Tee-hee-hee. First time I saw this I thought, "Whoa, didn't know Ohio had islands." Seriously. Would I lie? Then the voice of Common Sense whispered, "Girl, you know Ohio does NOT . . ." And I let Common Sense hold sway. Thanks, Cole. Hope your trip is all you need it to be and more. 

Ta-da! Henderica, see? It made its way, safe and sound. The cute little mouse reminds me of a rhyme of mine, when I ask God why I cannot fly. That's a smart mouse. Instead of waiting to grow wings, like me, it got busy. LOL. I like it. Beer is witch's brew. That bat reminds me of a guy I dated once. Pumpkins are all related to Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin. Did you know that? Thank you!

There's more for later.

Mail Out:

For Misty. In honor of your soldier who made it home, and for my nephew, the Marine, who will be stateside tomorrow.

To phonelady61, thanks to Patty. Patty, I like these more than you know. You're a gem among gems.

Not saying.

Um . . . Still not seeing.

To Ms Ashley Rose, as a substitute for House. Reckon he'll do?

Humming . . .
It's a postcard. And, what else?

No. 1 of a limited edition.

No. 2 of a limited edition.

Np. 3 of a limited edition.

No. 4 of a limited edition.
Please accept him.

4/4 in honor of Shel Silverstein.


L.S. (Limner Script) I subscribe to Daily Writing Tips. This came:

I am guilty of not paying attention to proper grammar. As much as I read, one would think I'd do better, huh? Are you just as guilty, dear friends?


  1. Oh thank you for posting my card, not once, but twice, yoohoo!!!
    Glad you liked it:)

  2. Like it? I have mad props for it. :) Boris was a handsome man. He really was my first monster. LOL. So, thank YOU.

  3. Limner ~
    So sorry you're hurting so terribly. I do hope you will be feeling better very soon. You're in my prayers. Hugs!

  4. Oh that is a nice Boris card indeed :)
    and glad my card got there ;) reminds me when I was doing some laundry (to get rid of cat hair since my lovely cats sometimes crawl into my clothing closet and leave their hair behind) I came across my Charly Brown t-shirt ;)
    I need to do a post blog also, did do one on what crafts I am working on.
    And those postcards you made of the poem are great

  5. Oh limner I hope you get my halloween goodies soon .

  6. Love, love, love James Dean. I think he's a good substitute for, well, anyone!

    Glad to hear your nephew is going to be stateside today. :)

  7. Aww, I'd like to see your CB shirt. :) Glad you like the card. I made just the four, but I thought it was cute, the kid wanting to be gone. A new way of running away. :) Thanks, Henderica.

    phonelady61, my first Halloween stickers! Thank you, my friend. Almost used them on Erin's care package, but will use them in my journal instead, when I write about My First Halloween Stickers. :) Hope you're feeling better.

    Medical Librarian, hey! I couldn't resist the James Dean postcards. I have two that I plan to keep for myself. :) I agree with you. He's pleasing to the eye.

    Yesss. Nephew made it home, safe and sound. He's in Cali with his family; first thing he did was cut his son's hair. All those gorgeous curls . . . gone. His phone hasn't stopped ringing since he landed though. We are very thankful. Thanks for the lovely comment.