Thursday, October 6, 2011

Early Bird Catches the Mail Werm

I mean man. An early bird catches the mail man. An earlier bird beats the mail man, since he doesn't deliver until after noon. Sometimes our mail gets delivered around 5 PM. I prefer morning  but, since I have no say in the matter, I take it when I get it.

Mail In

Dear Anna, thank you for such an awesome envelope. Interesting stamps had me going over front and back with my reading glasses. :) I marvel at what I'm missing out on. Some stamps make me drool with want.

Oh, Anna! I want to put the badge on my special bag! Thank you! Where did you find such treasure? And those badges? Ooh-wee, man. Such awesome goods. And the card. You have no idea how much I like it. I scurried to my bookshelves iso my art books. I just know I have seen this before. :) Thanks for giving me this particular card.

Isn't he sweet? Why do scarecrows always seem to have of much fun hanging around, doing nothing but getting the stuffing blown out of them, getting dried out even more by the sun, having crows laugh at their raggedy clothes, and suffer the indignity of having poop fall on their head? Oh! That's why they wear the hat, huh?

Such goose bumpy "web" art.

Balanced by shuddery delight 
of promised treats! 
Or threats of tricks?
Oh, no!
Give me sweets. 

All the letters you will ever need 
to write page after page of letters. 
So what are you waiting for?
Write on!

The latest addition being showcased on the cork board. Aren't they cute? Wish we get snow. I'd make a snow armadillo. Or JC! Which would you rather see?


Mail Out

I recall this quote from the movie. Without Googling it, do you?

I cannot help but wonder what she is thinking? I have a feeling she's lost, and stopped to rest a spell before moving on. A little spider dropped the quote and dangled it next to her, as a way of saying, "Move along. Do be strong. I ain't no mockingbird come to sing you home."  Do you think she got the message? Hmm. "Let me see," said the blind man.

On second glance, she looks the way I feel. :) I've been sitting chin-in-hand, eyeballing life as it saunters by; too tired to wonder why I don't buy a clue or two, and mosey on over to the postoffice. There's a pile of mail thats being grown, just for you. Maybe I will, in a day or two. When JC is off and can drive me there. And maybe I'll ride in back like I'm Miss Daisy, or just pretend that I'm too lazy? Uh oh, and it'll just be my luck, that I'll fall from the bed of the truck, when he slams on his brakes again. On second thought? No way, Jose! 

Mail will go out on Moanday, instead. A healthy bird outflies the mail werm. So, here's more.

I'm rather taken with Pomegranate's little pen and ink drawing of the pomegranate. Isn't there an actual pomegranate stamp? I remember my first taste of the ruby bursts of juicy sweetness. I was a little girl. My grandmother had a pomegranate bush that grew a few feet away from the backdoor steps. My job was to help water it. Every time I got a drink of water, I had the delirious joy of pouring what I didn't drink at the base of the little tree. 

Every day I asked, "Is it ready yet?" With every "No" that fell on my ear, determination grew, and I stepped up my efforts. I drank more water than ever. Wee'd twice as much, but the day finally came when I ate my first jewels. The only thing that surpassed the experience was learning that someone actually gave her the seedling that she nurtured and treasured. My little-girl mind could not wrap itself around the act of generosity that compelled someone to give away a tree that grew edible rubies.

I have the rub-on quote, but it sounded ore appropriate to substitute a stamp for step, since we know most of us don't walk half as far as we should. Plus it sounds better for a simple piece of mail art. More specifically, a postcard. Without googling, who said, "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step?"

And here . . . Here we have the winning box.
All tarted up and ready to go. 
I'll have to wrap it in paper
'Cause it's putting' on quite a show.

Thanks goes out to everyone who wished me a Happy Halloween!

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  1. Oh my such mail delights. The Lucky Limner.