Monday, October 24, 2011

Am I Nuts?

Am I nuts, or what? You tell me. But first, please answer these questions:

a. Have you ever mailed a package that was so big you had to heave it onto the counter at the post office? What's worth $20.16? Oh! Plus $10.38?

b. Have you ever mailed a box that measured 26 x 33 x something?

c. Have you ever paid $10.38 just for a box?

d. Have you ever paid $10.82 for plain old parcel post, AND $9.34 for "Balloon Parcel Post?" 

e. Did you know what Balloon Parcel Post meant before now?

f. Do you often go over your mail allowance? 

g. Am I nuts?

Moanday's Outgoing Mail

A slanted view doesn't keep me from wondering if I'm nuts.

A 13 oz. package to Great Britain costs $11.39.  Am I nuts? I dunno, but someone here keeps asking me that question.


Misty, I hope you didn't touch those red and black bugs.

They made the local news tonight. Seems they're called "kissing bugs," since they like to collect around human mouths. They spread a dangerous disease through their droppings. I am getting rid of the ones out back tomorrow. Ewe!

What about Incoming? Well, I've been emotional since I picked up today's mail. I sat in the post office parking lot--eyes spilling over, clutching the zipper on my hoodie, going, "Oh my goodness!" Don't you hate it when you lose the reins? So, I read my mail in the parking lot. Had to go back inside 'cause I forgot to buy air mail stamps. I'll tell you about it tomorrow, if I remember. This CRS is easing off but still . . . A girl needs reminding from time to time.

I'll say this, then it's bed time. I get some of the best mail. Sincerely. It's worth sitting in a parking lot, reading, and weeping, and grinning, and clutching my zipper over. Y'all are the best!

Now, goodnight.

Sleep loose.




  1. haha My mom mailed me my dad's old guitar one time. It was pretty awkward, but I needed one for my guitar class and my parents didn't want to drive across the state to give it to me. I guess it was gas vs. postage.

  2. I just spent >$50 for a package to Australia. I feel your pain!

  3. Marian, how did they send it, wrapped or with a tag? :)

    Bev, are you nuts, too? LOL. The recipient has to be someone who means a lot to you.

    Misty, one of your comments went to the spam folder. It's been happening every day since Yahoo upgraded their mail. I accidentally deleted it. Maybe it was an older one I overlooked. Sorry.

  4. Limner- No worries. Apparently I comment so much it thinks I am spam...*sigh*. Thank you for the heads up about those bugs!! I hadn't touched them..but I was tempted while taking pictures. Then decided against it as I wasnt sure what they were. I will be sharing the info with my mother just in case we see them again in the warmer months.

    To answer your question..I havent mailed a package that large. Though I do know it is expensive when mailing to other countries. I mailed the one giveaway book to Spain and it was around $10. I was astounded..considering the same book shipped inside the states for around $2.50

    All hobbies are expensive..and I know I have a hard time keeping a stamp/supplies budget. Just the other day I bought stamps at a different post office than I usually go to..and the gentlemen working on the counter seemed shocked at how many stamps I bought. Then told me he wished that he would get a commission on the stamps he sold. Haha.

  5. You aren't nuts :)

    Sending overseas does cost a lot yes I have been over the $10 mark with it very often ;)