Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Act of Being Good

. . . allows me more time to do things that require sitting. Wish it didn't mean limited use of my pitching arm. Does that sound like I need an excuse to do certain things I enjoy more than others? Like reading and writing, instead of cleaning and dusting, sweeping and mopping, prepping and cooking, and the like? Nooo way. Pinched nerves hurt like nothing else, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone; so why would I wish it on myself? It means I have to type with one hand, eat take out, get bed head . . . And be forced to wait for Nephew to choose the winner of the Halloween give-away.

So, here's a treat, in lieu of a piece of my mind. Lord knows I need all the pieces I have. Plus, I think Shel Silverstein should be shared. Share and share alike, is what I say. Hope you enjoy this lovely all-out give-away.

Shel Silverstein, "Every Thing On It"

Although he has passed on to that great creative room up on high, he left this little message for those of us who like his rhymes: 

Although I cannot see your face
As you flip these poems awhile,
Somewhere from some far-off place
I hear you laughing--and I smile.

I hope my laughter makes him grin or LOL!
Can he hear YOU?


  1. Oh that is to cute :D
    Wonder what trouble you would get into if you really would send a baby that way ;)

    Did my (crappy) card make it on time for the give-away? ;)

    I got your lovely stationery & pins last week ♥
    I need to update my blogs, hope to do one of them today.

    And do you like chocolate?

  2. Gee, I'm thinking the kid wanted mailing, never dawned on me the parents were that desperate. :D You didn't think it was a child's inventive idea of running away? LOL.

    Yes ma'am, your cute card made it. Safe and sound. Thanks for playing.

    Do you mean the chicken paper? I like chickens. Will show you my small collection some time. My friend in NZ called 'em chooks.

    Looking forward to any updates. And do I like chocolate? I absolutely must have it once a month or people around me suffer horribly. For real. :)