Friday, October 21, 2011

An A+ for a Bee+ Day

Today. This day. This day, today, is an A+ day. I slept through the entire night. Did not wake myself because of the usual scary moaning and groaning. Naturally I attribute the scary sounds to the monsters that live under my bed. When, annoyed, I get up to investigate, the only things quaking before my claw hammer are dust bunnies that  exclaim, "It's just us, Miss Ma'am. Please don't shoot . . . er, don't beat us to death. We's just bunnies."

Relieved, I collapse onto the bed, with head in hand, and shake it 'til I come to myself again, and realize that I am the noise-maker . But not last night, y'all. The good doctor, Dr. She gave me a new prescription for my sprained neck. Did you know a sprained neck muscle can travel up the muscles behind your ear, and then your head muscle joins the party? Well, in case you didn't, then hell, yeah, it for real can.

Last night there were no ghostly sounds, no thrashing and playing musical pillows. I sleep with six. I woke refreshed, without looking like I slept in Baby Jane's mascara, and without moving tentatively. Just threw back the covers, rolled out of bed, and I've been smiling, grinning and humming all day.

Went out back just a few minutes ago. I went just to walk and look and feel the wind before I read mail. Cathy, I think Mom Nature or Wind wanted to read your letter too, because Wind snatched it for her or himself. He complies so easily where she is concerned. Only he got the envelope. I held on to the letter. Te-he-he.

I didn't even bother to chase after it. Realizing its error,  Wind let go, and your colorful envelope lay on the edge of the veg patch, waiting to rescued. I did just that, but only after I'd read your nice letter, and thumbed through my copy of USA Philatelic. I retrieved the . . . Hey. What if it wanted to run away? It could very well have asked Wind to help it. No matter; I retrieved my could-have-been runaway envelope. And, that's when I saw this guy.

If I am not mistaken, this is my first carpenter bee. Its size is intimidating. It's quite the dresser though. Doesn't it's little vest look  plush and stylish? Wow. Reminds me of a short sleeve bolero. And it's wearing black tuxedo pants. It's meant to have two sets of wings, but I never saw the other two, and I shot in action mode. See?

This guy was busier than any bee I've ever seen. They usually take their time collecting, but maybe he was in a hurry because of time constraints. However, he was covered from head to hairy legs in pollen.

Mr. Carpenter was determined to shop at this morning glory. He poked, and poked, and poked . . . He went from closed flower,  to closed flower, to closed . . . Completely ignored me. 

A perfect match. My avatar.

Then, sated, and bathed in pollen, he buzzed off . . . I gave him an A+ for a Bee+ Day.


  1. Such a cute bee!! I am glad to hear you slept the whole night through. After a week of fitful sleeping here I am happy to report that all I needed was a few nights with Brad...or Brad's memory foam mattress. Haha. I slept like a rock. In fact he woke up before me!! That is unheard of! Mail will be heading your way soon. =)

  2. Wow that bee is huge ! Does look pretty, in it's little vest :)

    I was scared by something on the ground wondering thought some leaves on my walk back from my parents yesterday evening. But when I looked closer it was a cute little hedgehog. My mother has them in her garden sometimes but sadly they can't climb up to my balcony ;)

  3. Well, I'll be danged if I don't see them now. The label on prescription bottle reads: This drug may cause blurred vision. I'll say.

    Isn't he awesome? :)

    LOL, Henderica, you remind me of women in horror movies: They always check to see what frightens them. Am glad you looked closer this time. I have never seen a hedgehog personally. Would like to though. :)

    Why not build hedgehog catapults to help them get to your balcony? ;) That would make a cute illustrated story for a child. Wish I had the arm for it.

    I'd have to know what a hedgehog looks like first, though, wouldn't I? Hmm. I have a photo of a baby kiwi. Gonna see if I can sketch it right now. Wish me luck? I still haven't opened my gouache set, or the new traveling watercolor kit. :(

    What's your weather like?

    Goodnight/good morning. :)

  4. Misty! :) I've been tempted to buy one of those. I tested one but wasn't sure about the foam. Man-made foam doesn't turn me on, but if you give them an A+, then perhaps I should investigate. :)

    That bee made me regret cutting back the morning glories. They're the only things to survive the drought. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I almost captured it in a jar, just for closer close-ups. The thought of the trauma I'd cause stayed my hand.

    That Brad sounds like a keeper. He has an iPad AND he has a great bed. :) Power to the sleepers!