Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Viral Case of CRS

And to think I was so proud of myself yesterday. I carried my 25 or so pieces of mail to the postoffice. I typical Moanday Mail Day. Only problem was, I forgot to mail four or five items. See, I was so busy chatting with my favorite clerk that I forgot to empty my bag. Then I discovered the special tube on my desk. It blended right in, so it wasn't hard to do.

Sorry, Henderica. Sorry Misty. CRS seems to have gone viral in this home. It's not only me, Feist forgets to behave when it's important that she does. Simon forgets that he shouldn't whine when I am on the phone. Someone asked if I were wheezing, or if he was talking to me. JC forgets to turn the light off in the pantry, and he forgets the menu at Carrabba's. I forget a lot of things, and nephew has selective memory. I don't want to hear any more how it's age-appropriate. If it's worthy of notice when it comes to the goose, then it fits the ganders, too. I accept the insult . . . I mean, the aspersion! But anyhow . . .

This is some of what I forgot. I'll mail it tomorrow. I am crazy for that clown. (See above.)

To make up for the lapse, and to make use of the leftover time I discovered, I went a little postal. Creatively. Scroll down.

Ta-da! I had to do something with that tube I rescued from the waxed paper I like. So, I pulled out all the stops. Well, I pulled out a few. Experimentally. Talk about fun! I had my fair share, and then some. I liked it so much, I decided to start another one. Now, who should get it? Hmm. Lemme think. I think it's going viral. It'll be much better than CRS. Pass it on.


  1. Haha oh well I still have something to look forward to then ;)
    I think it's rubbing off on me, have been trying to send you a card since Sunday but it's still in my bag ;)

  2. CSR huh / interesting .