Sunday, September 25, 2011

Uh Oh

I almost went to bed without featuring mail. Sorry it's so late. Ashley Rose, thank you for this postcard. Lucille Ball is one of my favorite actresses. My mom loves her to pieces. Lucy and Ethel were like a hand and glove. Like Ashley and Misty? L & E still make us laugh. 

Motherkitty! This is so precious. Where did you say you get such yummy cards? I need to venture outside my stationery sphere here in Katy/Houston. Thank you for such loveliness. Your cards are a lot like you. Isn't that something? Wow. If our stationery reflects us, mine must scare the devil out of people. Now I'll never write a letter without worrying over what my paper might reveal about me. Ashley, don't tell anyone where you got that chicken paper, you hear?

This is too funny, and so reflective of Peppermint Patty. I mean Patty D! Googley eyes and a triple grin make me laugh out loud every time I see this. It's the back of a Patty envelope. Patty, you should have worked for an ad agency. I keep telling' you. 

LOL, Patty. I like this one just as much. Thanks for showing me. Remember the story of blind men and the elephant?

LOL! I try to imagine what mail clerks might think when they see some of the mail meant for me. :) Do you ever try to sneak a peek at the front of other people's mail? You know. You're standing in line and you casually, on purpose cop a look to see if their outgoing mail is as arty as yours? You know you do. Like you have something better to do while you stand in the fast-as-a-snail-running-a-marathon line, grinding your teeth and rolling you eyes at the slow government workers. Like they care. Like they're gonna move faster than you can have a stroke 'cause you're fuming--close to blowing a gasket. Like they care. Yeah, like they even want to care. They mastered Slow Down 101 back when you were learning how to print your ABCs.

Now, please disregard the bile I just typed. We know it's not true. They invented Postal Attitude all on their own. They did it in the break room. Do you ever wonder why the ones who give all postal workers a bad name never smile? When I used to go with my mom to the post office the clerks always said, hello. They asked after my grandmother. They talked about the weather while they worked, and Mama always walked out smiling. They even said hey to me, and I left skipping so high from being noticed that Mama had to rein me in with a, "Slow down before you fall and skin a knee." 

When did the personalized service stop? I know why, but when? Ain't it a shame, too? Some of our clerks are so stone faced they give the Beef Eater guards at Buckingham Palace a run for their money. I guess they forget we pay their bills, put food on their tables, give them a reason for getting dressed six days a week, and we actually appreciate them. We're on their side. Maybe I'll write them a letter. Lemme go compose my thoughts. In the meantime . . .

Y'all just write on.


  1. Oh I love it the beefeaters comment . You give me a laugh everytime my Charlie Brown . This Lucy totally agree with you .

  2. I love reading you blog! It is so much fun! And being mentioned..well how about that? There are some clerks at the local post office that are much friendlier than others, but most are as you described. I long for the more personalized service you speak of.

  3. Yikes! If my stationery reflects me, I must present a very rag tag image! I didn't see the three-tiered grin until you pointed it out. I had the image turned the other way with the pearls being hair braids, and googly eyes and a rosebud mouth. Maybe I glued it upside down. Silly me.